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Unknown Soul Blog


Standing Alone


        Sometimes we are called to stand up and stand out... and it will be accounted unto us as righteousness.  

      If the Lord has asked you to stand up for justice He will give you His strength and His provisions. He promises to come alongside of you, to lift you up, to finish the work He has begun in you, with you, for He is faithful until the end of time.

     Perhaps there is a struggle in some area of your life that you are trying to decipher or overcome.

Do You Believe ?

        What do you believe...

What are you made of and from where did you come ...?

     These are intense and very important questions we need to be able to answer.  Most of us will search for these answers our entire lifetimes.  Why ? Because we have something akin to homesickness deep within us.  This longing is what drives us to go beyond what we see and experience here in these bodies in this physical world.

     I believe it is our divine spirit , that inner being guiding us on our path back home, back to our highest being which is divine.

Faithfull Father

     For every thing there is a season... a time plant and a time to pluck what has been planted.  

     A time of wandering in the wilderness, and a time to come into the promised land.

     Many things happen during our times of wilderness, or drought.  We can curse this time and prolong the season, or we can allow God to teach us how to grow in any climate... the choice is ours.

     When our faith is being stretched and we become faint hearted in life due to the oftentimes great discomfort of the season we are in, it is precisely here that we recognize our need of our Father's love.

The Enemy Hits Hard

      Today I write to you my dear brothers and sisters to ask for your prayers for myself...

     Two days ago I was praying on the phone for a woman in great need... As I began to pray my feet went out from beneath my body as I fell down a flight of stairs injuring my back. As if I were pushed , yet no one was there ! 

     For those of you who have been with me on this journey you know that I live daily in great pain due to a spinal condition.   This incident/ trial has increased my pain exponentially 

Co- conspiritor

     What does mercy look like to you ?  

     Is it forgiving someone an offense... Forgiving of a debt owed to you...  Making a cheritable donation... Giving of your time and talents for someone less fortunate... Helping ease a burden that's too difficult for someone ... 

     Certainly all of these  can be considered wonderful acts of mercy.

     Although have you ever thought of mercy in smaller terms ?

     It can be as simple as a smile to a lonely stranger.

Choose Love

    Choose in what manner you will walk...

     In the way of love, which is peace to your soul... Or

     Rebellion, which is to curse your own soul...

     To walk in love is to follow the greatest example ever given to us, Yeshua, ( Jesus ).

     He taught us to forgive our persecutors if we wanted to be forgiven our own trespasses. 

     He told us to speak life into our all areas of our lives, to call upon the Comforter, the Holy Spirit of the Living Lord, to help us in all things.

Daily Hope

Be encouraged today to walk in faith and faint not ...

No matter how long and hard the road may be , it's only a season... Remember why we are here and the reason for the which we came... We are called, chosen, redeemed by grace and set apart for the great commission!  Steel your feet upon the path and run the race to completion for the glory of the Lord ! Nothing can destroy what God calls good!
Mercy and justice, peace and grace and strength to the harvester oh God !

You are not alone... Ever !


     I have a new idea for the Homeless in Connecticut 

"The House of Compassion "
 For the unknown souls in need 

I have met some very wonderful people recently. They happen to be sleeping outside, in their cars or 3 to a bed in motels.

One beautiful lady is raising 3 lovely children not her own. She fed me and my son from what little they had.  

A disabled woman doing her best to provide for 2 hungry growing boys after loosing her job . And a young mother with the most beautiful baby suffering from birth defects struggling to find help alone.


for my sake
You have torn the veil... broke off my chains... set me free...

     Your blood is not spilled in vain ! 
Your life is my ransom ! I am no longer a captive, a slave to a merciless master. 
Your blood is my salvation.  My King, my Beloved Messiah !  

    Step into the power that is your God given right and declare your deliverance today.  The God of all creation lives inside of you.  He is not a passive God but an active God.


     To love lavishly is to reach beyond...
  down into the depths of the soul of man by way of the heart... 

 Bypassing the physical,  the intellect, the misguided thoughts, words and actions... the sin nature of man.  

     To look past it all through the window of the soul... with the eyes of grace...  

     To look straight into and through the darkness, and into the light.  Though it be buried deep , it burns within and craves to shine brightly to the glory of God.

Daily Hope

A Light In The Dark


It only takes a little light to begin to disperse the darkness...


     If you have ever felt closed in by the dark... surrounded by negativity...  crushed by the shear heaviness of your burden ... or entirely enshrouded by the fear of it...

     Remember one thing, with the striking of one small match, the darkness is immediately dispersed ...  and you can begin to find your way again.  

     Hope... This is the match with which we can break through the darkness.

Mighty Defender

Lord, You are my Protection, my Peace, my Holy Defender...

Thank You for being ever watchful over my soul, my heart, my life.  You are my rock and my refuge.  For I will call upon the name of the Lord and He will be my help in my hour of need. He will hear my cry and answer me speedily.  I will look to the heavens, for my help comes from the Lord of my salvation.

You have delivered me from the mouth of the beast that had set his sites to devour me !

Again , I say to you, look to the Lord for your help !

Prayer = Love in Action


     TO   LOVE

Love is a verb.  It's an in action, an ongoing, in motion kind of word...

It is something we "do" in a variety of ways.  Love is tenderness in motion.  Through our softly spoken words, our prayers, the very intention of our hearts, we tenderly soothe the aches deep within the souls of each other.  It is this energy that passes between two people as they touch with mutual adoration.

Freed From Fear

There is only one kind of fear that actually helps us in life;
that built in run from danger kind of fear.

You know like when there is true danger heading right toward you, ie. an oncoming freight train or something that truly puts us in harms way.  Most often our fears are not of this variety, not by a long shot.  These are the fears that the deceiver would like very much that we keep intact.  Such as, fear of not being good enough or acceptable in certain groups or peoples, feelings of shame, failure, worthlessness, hopelessness, etc.

Daily Hope

Tender Gardens

Each one of us is like a beautiful garden... one which God our Father works tirelessly in... 

Gently he tills the soil beneath us, carefully turning it over and removing harmful weeds that choke off the richness of His blessings he so graciously affords us.  At times pruning the dead branches that have gone awry and secretly drain our color in life.  Tenderly He dotes on us, whispering to our souls words of wisdom... come this way, reach a little higher, rest now... always, always watering our thirsty lives with His merciful love, the water of life.

Divine Love

Within each and every one of us lies a divine spark... 
that light of God which is life, which is love.

That glorious thread connecting us to God our Father and to each other... 

Learning to embrace this part of someone can be at times challenging. But learn this we must... for we are commanded to love one another as He first loved us...  

When we allow ourselves to see through Gods eyes what do we find... we find light and love if we look for it.


I pray that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  May the Prince of Peace be with you this day as we give thanks to Him for our lives, our salvation, our freedom to worship... and so much more.

May your hearts be filled with His light and shine brightly to all those near and dear to you. 

For all those who are alone this day, or think you are... Your heavenly Father is nearer than you may think.  For you have friends in high places... may the angels of heaven keep you company this day and bring you peace and joy.



I pray for the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to bring the peace that surpasses all understanding to His children of Paris today. May our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ come to His precious people, hold them in His tender embrace and cover them with grace and mercy as they grieve the unspeakable anguish of loss...

Daily Hope

Daily Hope

Daily Hope


In hope...
there is peace.

Peace is the anesthesia for pain...

In love...
there are endless possibilities...

With grace,
we receive the manifestations of our dreams...

Take My hand My child and walk with Me in peace,  let My love flow through you and you will see My grace manifest every good and beautiful thing you ask of Me.

If you will do this and obey My commands, new and wonderful things will come to you according to My riches in heaven. My will is that you be blessed in all things in magnificent ways.


For God so loved the world...
that He gave His only begotten Son...

John 3;16

Due to world circumstances, 
the Lord has called to His children, to gather among themselves and come into His holy will, whole heartedly,  completely and  without reserve...

The time has come to go deep within, to take charge, to walk in authority, to accomplish all that you were created for... You have been prepared... you are ready... 

The salvation of the Lord is at hand.

Rubble to Restoration

When you feel lost and empty...

Don't loose hope,
God is doing a work in you and He is faithful to  see it through to it's completion, using all things, good and bad for your benefit... 

Some seasons of life can feel as if nothing you do will turn out right. Loss and stress can overwhelm you easily. 

So how do we combat this ?

Oh Lord my God
 hear my cry, draw near to me and have mercy upon me...

All that I once had has gone by, my joy withers within my heart, my bones are dry and brittle.


So I'm in some real pain here...

and I'm looking to hold on Lord, some moments feel so long they stretch out before me like eternity...

When pain grips you by your jugular, ugh, and I mean serious pain and all you can do is breathe... not even deeply because that causes it's own pain... you must turn inward , heartward, heavenward... or else you will succumb...

You see the thing about pain is, it's going to do one of two things to you;

Daily Hope

Speak the Word of God, walk in love, see by faith, and live the promises of God ...

Daily Hope

This is Coty, my little friend coming for his breakfast of almonds.
God has such a gentle and tender heart. I was missing having a pet as I have always had one until recently and they are not allowed here. So He brought me a new furry friend to keep me company. This is love... Thank You Lord Jesus for always taking care of my little heart in the most precious ways... Find the blessings today. God loves you very , very much !

for more Daily Hope please visit The Unknown soul Blog at the link below..


You are loved ...
Divinely held, cherished and adored. By grace, you are called to the God of all creation...
Come ... Receive ... 
Be blessed ...

For more Daily Hope visit

Behold the Glory of Dawn

What wonders do Your mighty hands wrought !

I am in awe of the manifold glorious manifestations of Your Divinity !

Today oh God, do a new and marvelous thing in me ! For I am fearfully and wonderfully made...

May Your Holy Spirit descend from on high and come to rest upon me.  Reveal Yourself to me my King, and let Your glory shine through me in all that I do.

Manifest Your glorious wonders in every step we take, for I will walk with You from glory to glory .

Bear Good Fruit

With our prayers, our words,
 our actions...
in all that we do Lord, may we be blessed and be a blessing... 

By bearing each others burdens, patiently, tenderly, as He does for us each day with loving kindness and such great mercies...  we bear good fruit 
unto our Father in heaven.

May you be the blessing that someone else is praying for today... for in this way, the likeness of Christ shines brightly through us...and He is glorified.

Grace and peace to you this day, from God our Father, Jesus Christ His holy Son and the Holy Spirit.

Held By Glory

When I think
 of You my Beloved ;

My heart melts within me for the great love that floods my soul...

I cling to Your robe and bury my face in Your tender I am lifted like a child into Your arms, so close to the heart of hearts...

My tears You wipe with the softest touch, soothing the ache of my heart...

Oh how I love the gentleness of Your voice, calling me ever deeper to places I have never dreamed...

We soar through the night sky and beneath into the depths of the sea, breathing water as air.

Speak Faith

Speak The Uncompromising Truth;
of Faith...

Jesus loves me...
He is Always with me...
He will go before me,
fight my every battle...
He will never leave me...

I will Not Fear ! 

Troubled waters will not overtake me...
There is Nothing to big for my God !

Jesus You are my healer, my rock and my refuge. I will run to You, lean into Your embrace,,  for all that I need, because You are faithful to deliver me.

Daily Hope

Peace, and grace to you...
From the One who whispers to my soul...

I bless you this day with power from on high...

I will look to the Most High,
for whence comes my help ?

My help comes from the Lord...

I cried out to the Lord in my distress,
 and He heard me, and answered my prayer speedily...

Give thanks and praise to the Lord our God...
for all His ways are good...

Walk in the light...
Speak truth...
Watch God move mountains...

Moon Shadows

As you slept;
I held you close...
Whispered softly to your soul...

words of love...
words of life...

Gently rocked you,
tenderly reminded you...

That you are Mine,
I am with you...
 I will never abandon you.

I am healing you, breathing 
life into you...

You are lovely, My child, and I am pleased with you...

I delight Myself in the beautiful picture of life that you paint each day...

You are My joy... 

Lens of Grace

What if; 
just for today...

We saw everyone we came into contact with;
 in our corner of the stratosphere...

through the "Lens of Grace..."

What would we see in the eyes of;

 the single mother doingall she can to provide for her children...

the hard working man, with calloused hands, doing his levelbestto keep a roof over the heads of his family...

the retiree at the checkout,smiling into the face of life's harsh realities.


Be still...
and know that
 I am the Lord thy God...

Word of God speak to my heart;
let me rest in the gentle tenderness of Your holy heart...

In silence, He speaks to the hearts and souls of His children, who are willing to listen...

We all have the ability to "hear" the voice of our Father in heaven; 
be it audibly, in the quiet of our hearts, in what we read, in what pours forth when we write, sing, dance, paint, speak in love to another.

Let Go and Soar

Let go... And soar ... on the wings of angels...

Allow the mighty hand of God to lift you up ...

for we shall abide in the shadow 
of the Almighty,
the most High... the God of all creation...

And His Holy Spirit shall cover you with His feathers...
and protect you wherever you go... in all things... at all times...

Because the Son, the Christ, the Messiah, Savior of the world,
has sent Him ( the Holy Spirit ) 
to you ...  to live within you.

Not so glorious days

Your working hard;
Doing everything in your power,
everything you know to do...

But it seems the reality of your dreams have been washed out to sea with the tide...

Where am I going wrong you ask ?
I work hard, I pray, I love the Lord with all my heart;
so why does it seem that blessings escape me ?

The work load increases as the money and energy always seem to decrease...

With every forward step there's always two backward ones...
I know... believe me I know how frustrating it can be.

Joy comes in the Morning

"... and joy 
comes in the morning..."

Pour out Your glory upon Your children today oh Lord!

Come Holy Spirit come !

May you be blessed this day with the supernatural peace that surpasses all understanding ...

Open your hearts children of God... be filled to overflowing with His grace;
for it is yours to claim right now...
Drink deeply of the Waters of Life,
and be refreshed by the glory of your Savior.

Joy in the Sky

In case you missed the glory in the sky last night...

God painted one of the most spectacular displays I have ever seen ! 
And all Gods children sing glory hallelujah ! 

It's gonna be a very good day!
May you all be blessed with inextricable joy today...

Jesus, my Beloved,
I will delight myself in You today...

For more Daily Hope visit

Covered in Glory

Covered in Glory...

To this momma , this is just beautiful... 
a divine gift for both weary

 We only have this moment... well ,
for this moment...

This is the boy who could 
not swim ... had seen the ocean 
only one time in his life prior 
to this summer... 

First went the toes, then the pleading... 
Please mom, just for a little bit ? I know I can do it, you wont have to even swim, sit and relax for a little while and watch me .

Tethered to Glory

My heart Lord, belongs to You alone... May my soul magnify Your glory !

In the Lord, the God of all creation, in the Spirit of my creator, will I reside... 

I will not fear... I will not hide the light bursting forth within my spirit...

I will not run away from the very touch that formed my inward parts in secret... My heart, my soul, my life, will become all that You intended ... for all Your ways are good ... 

Iwill trust in the hand holding the tether to my heart.

Divine Intervention

I will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies...

When you come up against the enemy and calamity threatens;

Call upon the name of the Lord !

for it is then that He comes in, flanked by an army of holy angels to defend protect and yes even bless you in the midst of the trial.   No matter the trouble, no matter the source or scope , He comes...  Better than any superhero from childhood . 

 I saw a long banquet table set for a king, pilled high with every delicacy imaginable.

Look Up

A Little sunshine goes a long way...

Being grateful for small things... leads to bigger things... 

even to a more fulfilling life...  Here's a prayer to get you started in case your having a hard time finding the good in your life...

 Just look up, I did... and I took this lovely picture of the sunshine while my heart was melting within me, ( not from the heat )  A beautiful day at the beach and I could not feel the joy of it,  or see any beauty in it.


Are you breathing in peace ?
 Letting. God have control of those circumstances? 
We are stepping out on the water here... But we are not alone out their...
Jesus is holding on good and tight. He won't drop us, promise... 
This is only. a " faith test" designed to strengthen us so that we will be ready for our divine blessings okay?
We can do this, together... We can stand firm, in faith ... knowing that our Lord is right beside us, holding our hand.

Be Still

                               Is there ...  anything...        
too big...

for God...?

Let us come into His presence and breathe in His supernatural peace... 

Not by my power , but by Yours oh God... 
I will place all things this day in Your capable and holy hands and let 
You lead... 
let You bless... 
let You work a wonder in my life.

Evening Blessing

is every man ...

who fears the Lord ,
 who walks in His ways.

When you eat of the labor of your hands, you shall be happy and it shall be well with you.

Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine
 in the very heart of your house.

Your children like olive plants
 all around your table.

thus shall the man be blessed
 who fears the Lord.

The Lord bless you 
out of Zion,
 and may you see the good of Jerusalem
all the days of you life.

Daily Hope

"...and he shall be 
like a tree, 
planted by the rivers 
of water,
that brings forth fruit in 
it's due season...
whose leaf also shall not wither;
and whatever he does shall prosper..."

Psalms 1; vs.3 
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