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Unknown Soul Blog


     Do you know what it is to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ ? To walk in His steps ? 

     Do you remember what He said to the pharisees that desired a high position and prestige?  The ones that looked down upon the poor , the widows and the orphans... His precious children made in His own inmage... 

My adopted son age 1     ( my adopted son age 1 yr)              

     He told them that some of them, though they knew the scriptures well, would not enter into His Father's kingdom...

     The ones who ignore the cry of the poor become the silent partner of the oppressor himself...

     for silence in the face of injustice is to cooperate with it, thereby becoming your own violation...

     Lord, I have seen Your own children begging bread in the streets, I bear witness to the iniquity in my own land of the oppression of the poor, the denial of Your own love at the gates of Your churches from those who say they come in Your name... 

     How it disgusts my soul to see such revolting oppression of Your little lambs and in Your own name ! 

     How dare they use Your name and despise the mighty works of Your own hand ! For by Your Word all flesh was created, in Your image were we made manifest by Your love....

     Father you sent me,  a poor woman, alone and disabled by agonizing pain, raising another's child with his own disabilities to several institutions bearing Your name...  and seeking help I found naught but again and again I was turned away from the doors of Your sanctuaries.  

     Go to the government,  go to the state , go here, go there, they said over and over... even as I explained that I had gone through all the proper channels I kept falling through the cracks and received no help... not even a United States Senator found help for me and my child ! 

their message is a resounding echo in my heart still... 
               Go Away ! 

     Who are you who call themselves saints of the Lord Most High while denying the love and power to His chosen vessels.  What manner of evil is this that has invaded the church of Jesus Christ ? And how dare you expect to receive what you deny thy neighbor who is in desperate need !

     Daily I visit with the homeless the poor the disabled and see their struggles, their heartache their hunger and worse... and I am one with them... 

     in the pains of injustice I raise my voice to You alone oh God to do for them what man refused in Your own name Yeshua ! 

     I cry to You as one voice with them for Justice ! 

     From Your mountain on high I pray come down here in Your splendid glory and do for us as Your Holy and mighty Word declares!  Bring down the proud and mighty and lift up Your humble little ones who thirst after Your truth !

     It is time for the True church of latter day saints to rise up against the twisted prideful ones proclaiming the gospel they are unwilling to uphold !

     Suffer not the little ones to come unto Me, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven !

     When the doors of the churches do not open wide to love the little ones and Shepard them without judgement it's time for them to close and a new sanctuary to be built ! 

     It's time for something New! And I'm going to build it...

     I will be posting pictures of the most beautiful children of God in your own back yard .

     The job of supporting the poor, widows and orphans is for every believer because we are the church... He lives in us , not a building or only highly educated individuals,  You are His church! And I'm asking you to rise up with me to help heal these children, provide them with homes and bless them !  God watches over us and holds us accountable for our action and our inaction... 

     I am exceedingly tired of watching people get hurt by the very ones in the positions to Help!  No one is useless nor is anyone within the sound of my voice or the writing of these words not going to be under the scrutiny of the Lord thy God...

     Choose wisely whom you will serve saith the Lord... be a silent partner with evil , or stand on the side of righteousness with Almighty God.

     Give and it shall be given unto you, shaken up, pressed down and overflowing,  for what measure you giveth it shall be given to you.  

     I have given out of my poverty and not looked back, because I know You see all... you cannot do good and not be seen by the Lord... 

     I said to my Lord one day as He asked me to give to a donation to an orphanage in Haiti,  
"Lord, how do i know if they will use it for good or even if they are legitimate? "

He said to me, 
" You don't.  But you are giving it to Me and I will bless you in return..."

     I did send my donation and 30 days later a huge earthquake hit the region... 

     Again the Lord spoke to me saying, 

     " You gave to Me just in time that my children would have food and medicine Before the roads were destroyed..."

     I have never forgotten that lesson... nor the great joy I had in being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ... and btw, 6 months later I sold a piece of land which netted me 50 times what I gave...

     Folks, God means business, He's the Truth , the only Truth you will ever really need...

     He has shown me many things before they happen like the previous example, and I'm asking you to give to the poor, to the project I am beginning, without restraint , how you would want someone to give to you if you were in dire straights.

     There wonderful people that have disabling diseases with children living right beside me in motels, cars, sleeping on floors... they are hungry, cold and sick... they do not make enough to get by... their hearts are broken as they can feed their child only once a day... 

my heart is broken for my own Son whom I adopted... he has Aspbergers syndrome and gets bullied in school so I teach him wherever we go...

     I have a spinal cord injury that keeps me in severe pain 24 hours a day... I am a breast cancer survivor having had 5 surgeries ... 

     poverty begets infirmary ... and a cycle of evil apothy begins that can only be broken by grace and love...

     I am not an alcoholic for I do not drink.  I am not a drug user... I simply cannot work a regular job due to my injuries.  

The people I will be sponsoring are good hard working children of God, ones that the a typical church has turned away from.
Some are professionals that due to illness or divorce have lost their livelihood.  We are not criminals ... we are human beings made by the very breathe of life that created you...

     I still support that orphanage in Haiti to this day, why ? 
Because but for the grace of God there am I... they are worse off than me...

     So now I ask you on behalf of our heavenly Father, what say you to the children who are your neighbor? 

     I truly believe that the Lord has allowed me to suffer for this cause... that the evils of mankind and the spirit of apathy may be broken by His grace thru the writings of my own hand... 

     I am lowly in this world tho I am cherished by the Most High, and I am raising my voice for His children that His name should be glorified above all.

     Oh Lord I pray thee, only You see the hearts of ,man, move this mountain unto the sea ! There is no excuse for such poverty in this great nation which was built upon Your Word and Your grace ! Please return to anyone who gives unto me 100 fold a blessing and more. And to those who would oppress us, Your little ones, give unto them according to Your mighty arm of justice! Bring down low the proud and lift up high the lowly ... in the name above all names, Yeshua Hamashiac , Jesus my Deliverer ! Amen.

You can donate here or on the page entitled The Unknown Soul Organization.  Thank you 

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