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Unknown Soul Blog

Faithfull Father

     For every thing there is a season... a time plant and a time to pluck what has been planted.  

     A time of wandering in the wilderness, and a time to come into the promised land.

     Many things happen during our times of wilderness, or drought.  We can curse this time and prolong the season, or we can allow God to teach us how to grow in any climate... the choice is ours.

     When our faith is being stretched and we become faint hearted in life due to the oftentimes great discomfort of the season we are in, it is precisely here that we recognize our need of our Father's love.

     In this harsh climate pride is broken and love is born.  We realize that we cannot do it alone and allow our heavenly Father room in the depths of our being to be our source of life.  
To become one in being with the most loving and gracious being in the universe.  

      Sometimes less is truly more...  I am learning that the harder I try to make something happen the more difficult the chore.  On the other hand,  if I pray for something and then leave it in my Father's hands, ie; in faith, it comes to me with greater ease .  

     It can be hard to back away from things and wait on the Lord, but the reward is always greater in the end, we will have  have pleased our Father by standing in faith, and He is glorified.

     I have watched others struggle while the Lord has whispered to me, see how My child will not allow Me to help him ?  And  I have felt His sadness in this.  

     You have a Father in heaven who desires to help you in every area of your life, even now He waits for you to allow Him to enter into that problem you are facing, your health, your relationships,  your every concern is His.   

     Maybe today, just breathe deeply and ask your Father to help you to release that problem into His very capable hands, to hold you in His perfect peace, while He brings the solution to you. 

                This is faith... and there is no way to please God without it... 

     How much time does it take for us to ask, to seek ?  He told us over and over again to cast our burdens on Him... To ask of Him absolutely anything in His Sons name and it would be granted ... to seek and find... to knock and the door would be opened for us! He longs to give us the desires of our hearts !

     Jesus told us that if we who live in this fallen world know how to give good gifts to our own children, how much more is our Father in heaven willing to give us?!  

     It must be so frustrating to have to sit back and watch your child suffer from something that you have the solution for, while they ignore you and won't allow you to help them...

     That wilderness time, those issues that just won't go away, that problem that continues to plague you time and again... place it in your Father's hands today and watch as He settles the issue in the most amazing and wonderful way.  

     There is no greater gift that you can give Him than your faith in His perfect love for you.

     I , myself can testify to His faithful love.  For as I have walked through many difficult times, He has wrapped His loving arms around me and kept me not only safe, but at peace during the droughts of life.  I have been strengthened,  fortified, and now stand on His faithfulness to me, as opposed to my own strength. He has given me victories I used to run in fear from. 

     Due to my own wandering in the wilderness I have found Him...  even the gifts I still await cannot compare to knowing the Lord and living in His presence. 
It's a priceless gift that I cherish.

     My prayer for you today, is that you would come into the realization of His all encompassing love.  In love we learn to trust.  When we trust in the One who loves us unconditionally we give ourselves permission to receive all the wonderful gifts the God of all creation desires to give us.

     God is the good  faithful Father , draw near to Him and He will give you the desires of your heart... and bring you into your promised land. 

     "Oh that My children would only believe!" 

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