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Houses of Compassion

      The House of Compassion is an idea... an opportunity... a challenge for all of Christendom.

     What blessings might be obtained where willing hearts stand undivided as one upon the Word of God in doing good...

     There is a world of hurting people waiting for the mercies of God.  We need to step up and BE the hands and feet of Jesus Christ upon the earth.  To show unconditional love to the broken, undeserved mercy to those in great need, as was made available to each and every member of the body of Christ.

     I am speaking directly to this holy body of which God is the head.  I am praying that every church, ministry, and organization of faith will stand as one body in unison with me.
I am making a plea on our behalf for holy fire to come upon our united heart...

     My request is simple, that each organization would stand in the gap for the poor, the widows, the orphans, the disabled, disadvantaged, the weak and oppressed... 

     If every church adopted one family in need in their own community , took their burdens right from their shoulders, and lifted this family up to your holy throne each day for one year, what do you think the outcome would 
be ... If we stood as One and fought together for one soul, how great our reward would be ! I mean radical, mountain moving faith !

      I mean pay the rent, the heat, electric bill, find resources for any medical treatment needed, food, clothes, transportation, supply their every basic need.
    Look deep within the soul of your neighbor and see what God sees.  Take the time to really engage and get to know them.  Help them discover what their own God given gifts and talents are and how best to use them for the greater good and Gods glory.

     With the burdens temporarily removed, the person will be enabled to grow, heal and become who God intended them to be.

     And those that choose to invest in a person or family in this way can only be blessed as they will be walking out the faith that we are so quick to profess and a bit slower to act out.  

     If we can do this, we can create lasting change that just may begin with us.  What untold riches await us as we step up to a higher level of faith than we have seen in generations !

      So many people have turned away from our Lord due in part to our own misrepresentation of the love of Christ.  Our body is sick with diseases and division.  The sheepfold of our Lord is waiting to come in... Let us not cross our arms over our heart in fear or judgement of others, but allow the Holy Spirit to open us to a whole new level of unconventional ways of loving far beyond what we thought we could do.  For we cannot imagine what He will do with such willingness to walk boldly in the faith.  

     The Lord Jesus Christ ordained us to walk with Him in faith, to share the good news of His saving grace with all the world. We can't effectively communicate this when we turn them away from us... when send them to the government for help...  When we do this we are sending the message that it is, or they are not our problem... We are supposed to look upon people through Gods lens of grace and see that their value is greater than all the world could ever offer us.  For greater in heaven is one repentant sinner... 
     Is this what we are called to ?

     The Holy Spirit convicts me to find a better way...

      I believe we deny ourselves untold blessings when we pass up the opportunity to Do what our Lord has taught us to do... 

     I believe it is our job, the government of Jesus Christ, to care for the children of His world, not the local/state/national government.

     Let us send a message to the world, and to heaven... We are the Holy Body of Jesus Christ! And we will walk in our God given authorities, stand in the gap for His children !  We are anointed for this work, this great and holy task and we will not shrink in the face of any challenge! No thing will be impossible in Christ!

     Take the challenge, take the limits off of God, and watch what happens when we truly give our Lord our hearts, hands, feet, talents and gifts. 

      Allow your hearts to overflow with Gods grace for His children.  Be the excellent example of Love and Mercy, and together we will challenge the enemy at every gate, become all we were destined to be, and change the oponion of all of Christendom for the glory of His Majesty, Our King Jesus!

      Pray, share, act... Take the challenge and step into the glorious destiny that your Father in heaven designed for you from the beginning!


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