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Take Heart


      There's a lot going on in our world right now... In our nations, our towns and cities... In our families, relationships, our marriages, with health concerns, financial tensions, losses and fears of loss loom large...

      No matter what the world takes from you, your job, home, financial security,  your marriage,  family, friends, reputation,  health or any other thing we value...  

     The Lord God Almighty is sovereign ...  He is in control,  period.   And God is good ! And He says Fear Not I Am with you !

    Yes, we live in a fallen world.  Yes, we will have troubles here.  And we will all suffer at some point in our lifetime, for no man breezes through life without turmoil.  ( even if it seems so..) only God sees the hidden pains within the tormented soul...

     That's the bad news.  The good news is that in believing the word of God we understand that our citizenship is of heaven and not here.  These days are not going to last forever ... Your divine spirit is.  

     Next, we know that God uses all things for our good.  That means that whatever you may be suffering with presently is going to be used to your advantage in the future.  You may ask, how could my pain be accounted for a anything good ?  Well, if you believe in the Word of God, and that's crucial, that pain may, for example, become the testimony  that could  spare another  
 or save them from succumbing to their own agony, in the meantime 
 staying grounded in faith, you will wax stronger and 
you will bring honor and glory to God our father who is faithful to reward any act of faith in ways you cannot even imagine. 

     Jesus said, take heart, for I have overcome the world...

     Stay in hope, always... I know it can be unbelievably hard some seasons, but remember,  you do have a friend in Jesus who longs to help you each day.  He is faithful to deliver you and sent you the comforter, the Holy Spirit to be your help with each beat of your precious heart.  He also stands as your witness in the courts of heaven as your defense attorney countering the attacks of the adversary who condemns you day and night.  That's right, there are courts in the spirit realm where we are accused by the devil nonstop as he seeks to block our blessings from ever reaching our hands.  He does this by affecting us in unrighteousness behavoirs such as unforgiveness.   All we need to do is repent of our sins and hold fast to the hand of our Savior who cleanses us, forgives us, redeems us and rewards us...  

( more to come on the courts of heaven in another post )

     If you have never asked Jesus into your life then please call upon Him right now in the privacy of your heart.  Seek Him and He will be quick to help you. Ask Him to forgive your sins and help you.  When we do this we are washed clean from our tresspassess and gain an eternal reward of life everlasting.   Only the Son of God  can give us this most gracious gift, for it is He that gave His own life as a ransom for yours, for mine, for all of us on the cross.

     Then go find a bible and allow your Savior to lead you in His living word, on the most amazing  journey you could ever embark upon ! 

     If you are already walking with your Savior, I pray that Holy Spirit would help you and go before you into the courts of heaven to unlock blessings, gifts and talents that are awaiting you from God our Father who loves you so tenderly.

     Father, please release for us Your wonderful blessings from Your treasury in heaven. Send forth Your holy angels please and lead us by Divine appointment,  open doors previously locked to us, close doors to things that no longer serve us , and above all else help us to honor You in faith and love for each other. Amen

Thank you for reading.



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