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Unknown Soul Blog

Fractured Souls

Unknown Souls ...

There are untold millions of souls suffering right now... They are the walking wounded... They are the little ones hiding under the darkest of secrets... 

     These priceless children of Almighty God have suffered unimaginable agony, a torment so cruel , as to fragment and splinter the human 
soul and put to ruine the glory of human life as it was meant to be. 

     Who are these precious ones ?  They are the children who have survived the worst affliction that evil can thrust upon man... 

     These are the children ravaged by the cruelty of childhood sexual abuse...  

     When God says to look upon the poor and the destitute through His eyes of grace  , what does it look like to you, really ...?

    Bare with me here and be ready to get truly honest with yourself and God ...

     You witness someone looking dirty and disheveled asking you for spare change and think, get away from me , I don't want to be close to you ... 

     You see a woman obviously 
selling herself for profit in the worst and most vial trade and immediately condemn her for her choice of trade ...  and you wonder how anyone with any self respect could do this to themselves...  Maybe it didn't begin with any choice at all... Or has become so much a part of her identity, or lack there of , that she cannot imagine anything else ... 

    The trap of so many is  the deprivation of anything at all resembling love...

      You become aware of someone's addiction to drugs or alcohol  and assume that they reap what they sow... 

     Irresponsible,  immature, bad choice after bad choice, they'll never change ...?
good for nothing ... ?  

    Is that so ... ?

I am willing to bet that anyone thinking this way would most certainly NOT want to walk a mile in their shoes ... Not because of what you 
 can see, but because of what you  cannot see , what you wouldn't want to see , that drove these human beings to such a state as they now live ...  What suffering and neglect do to the human being, the spirit deprived of love ...  

     Here, lets put our "grace" glasses on and take another look shall we ...

     God sees the little girl once so tiny and innocent, a life filled with promise... made from the pure joy of the tenderest love in the universe, Gods own ...
     Fast forward ,  this same precious child  has her entire life ahead of her with a wonderful destiny that her heavenly Father has all  planned for her .  

     Then in a fraction of a lifetime,  moments of time really,  the shell is cracked,  the life, the destiny, the beautiful plan is ripped apart by evil...

      Violent crimes , especially when of a sexual  nature do more damage to the psyche than any other that I am aware of.

      Sadly many who are attacked in this manner will be repeatedly molested by the abuser over a period of several years. This is because  the abuser has gained the trust of his victim and  is either a familial relation or a close and trusted friend.  

    There is no more heinous crime on earth than incest ! 

     A grown man completely unable to hold a decent job, to hold himself in any semblance of respectability at all... This same was about 6 or 7 when he was torn apart by the evils of abuse and neglect.  For these evils of corruption are not gender specific.  

     What... do you think a child could grow up to live a success life with the very decency of all good stolen from their cribs !?

     Do you have any idea what a life will look like after years of this monstrous crime ?

     Years of repeated assaults on the body, will result in agonizing physical disabilities and chronic diseases .  

     Years of constant reinforced satanic lies of the worthlessness of ones life will obliterate any sense of self worth,  leaving its victim searching desperately throughout his/ her lifetime for any means to find love... value of self... Meaning and purpose...
... Or it may cause them to hide from anything even remotely resembling the good abundant life God intended.   

     Their ability to distinguish good from evil will be severely impaired,  especially in the cases of familial abuse where trust is supposed to begin and instead is shattered.  Typically,  the ability to receive good in any form will be gravely affected due to self depreciation.   In the depths of their souls they will blame themselves, thinking and being confirmed by the lies of their abusers that they actually caused the evil and deserved it.  
    You cannot even imagine the twisting lies that churn within the hearts of these victims. 

     No area of life, not one, will be left unaffected by these atrocities .  Some will develop into over achievers, in a constant pursuit of approval to overcome the worthlessness lurking deep within... While others will play out in an endless cycle of self abuse like cutting, addictions, both to drugs as a way of escape and sex in a
perverted sense of recreating what they " learned " was their actual value. If this is what you experienced at a very young age than your value system remains stuck there until the lies within begin to unfold.  

     Most victims of early sexual abuse won't even remember it for decades to come... hence, the person may have no idea what makes him or her do what they do consequentially leaving them only scratching the surface of the true wounds in dire need of healing.

     Most will go from counselors to therapists ,  to doctors and practitioners of various forms,
in a lifelong  desperate  search for relief of symptoms .  

Abuse like this leaves its young victims with many ailments in both the physical and the spiritual realm. 

     It is my belief that there is only one way to defeat this evil and that is in the spirit, in the power of the Lord Yeshua,  
( Jesus).

   " For we do not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and  demons in the spiritual."

    What man in their right mind would ever conceive such 
things ?  But that which is pure evil !  Given an opportunity,  he, Satan will enter a mans mind, deceive him , control and construct evil plans and carry them out against Gods chosen children.

     I have seen so much wasted time and energy, money and talents, of people trying to heal these outer wounds when what they need is the healing of the inner, soul wounds...

    The fractured soul ...

     These people have coveted gifts and hidden talents that God instilled within them... 

     God has chosen them for greatness !
Which is why the devil goes after children... to prevent that person from ever answering 
the God given call on their life!

    Many will surrender to their wounds and commit suicide before they ever find relief for their weary souls ! 

     It is time for people of faith everywhere to stop fearing and start fighting !!!

     Spiritual Warfare is the only thing that can set a victim free and set about the healing of the   soul wounds...

    Who can offer such a service ?
Any God fearing man or woman endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit !  The true church of Jesus Christ , the bride of Christ has been given all power and authority to cast out these demons and set the children of God free from the chains that bind them.  

     I seek to build a new place, a place of refuge for the wounded, a place where they can find true
spiritual healing, a safe haven for Gods chosen ones to come and receive from His mighty hand.  I seek the lost, the broken, the wounded, those who thirst for what they know not...

     My book "Memoirs of an Unknown Soul" was written for you... to begin your journey of healing in the hands of those that made you ... the incorruptible hands of Divine grace... 

     Come here to this blog often and find refreshment for your soul.  I will be here to
encourage you in faith and the Word of God as He whispers to my heart secrets of love and wisdom 
from heaven, 

... Armed only with the truth to put an end to the lies that have kept you from Gods abundant love.  Mercy and grace be multiplied to you and me as we humbly seek the Lords truth together .

    Here, on my 7 inch broken tablet, my humble beginnings I will not despise, for God has blessed me in a thousand ways and promised me grace upon grace if only i would stand up in His strength and speak the truth to you...  
     In God we are one spirit, undivided in love, in mercy for each other, in grace as we learn just how awesome is His love for us ... 

     You are worthy, you are a priceless treasure, you are cherished and not forgotten ! 

     I pray for victims young and old to be brought to the throne of grace to receive justice, mercy salvation ... That recompense be made to them for all that was stolen by the adversary. I ask You Lord Jesus to send out the mighty holy army of angels to protect, provide and heal anyone who has or is suffering with these most heinous and 
evil afflictions.  In Jesus mighty name . Amen.

     How can I speak to you who has been so greiviously 
wounded ... 

    Because, my dearest most precious brothers and sisters, cherished children of Almighty God,  I am you... 
    And through Jesus Christ who strengthens me I have overcome! It is by His grace alone that I am able to share my testimony with you.  That you also may be filled with this same love that overflows my heart pouring out to all who would welcome it.  
It is possible to heal, to overcome, to grow and to reach new heights of abundant living 
in any area of life... But it all begins in the heart and soul ... 

     Much love to you in Jesus 
     A note to the churches :

Please Open Your Eyes Churches 
There are blessing for us all, but we have to do Gods will !

     Look upon MY children through the grace filled lens ...
    I have called you, rescued you, blessed you and spared you many things... I have given you power and authority to be used in accordance with MY will, for the teaching and edifying of MY church...  I have looked and beheld some who would make MY children error... 
Burnt offerings and sacrifices i have no use for, but that MY children would learn to walk in love for ME and for each other...

    If you look upon MY children and do not consider their burdens , if you do not see MY little ones as precious in MY sight, and do not care for My poor, My orphans, My widows, MY wounded,  through MY eyes of grace ... 

       Woe to you!

...   who contaminate My holy Name , and place any thing above the value of MY most cherished possession,  MY inheritance,  whom I created in MY own  image !  

For by MY grace alone you have been spared such 
evils !  

     Repent ! and amend your ways and again i shall have mercy on you... 



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