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Unknown Soul Blog

Bring the Dawn

Its always darkest just before the dawn...

     When the darkness sets in and the night seems endless... when the waiting feels more like hopelessness and you begin to succumb to the terror... when your tears actually run dry...

     These are the moments that total reliance upon the Master is come to truth... Faith will falter, and you will fall...  You will also find the incorruptible love of God, if when you fall, you fall into His gracious hands...

     There will be times that you simply cannot muster the strength to get back on your feet. 

     Precisely at this point is when I find the deepest love I have ever known...  I find myself cradled in the all encompassing tender love of the Father.

     But then without that fall when would I have found this all consuming passion ? 

     We wonder why God allows us to suffer when He is in control of all things...  Not to diminish or suggest that all suffering is in some manner a lesson, by no means!   Rather I would submit to you, as I myself am agonizing with afflictions, that it is an opportunity to experience something supernatural... 

     When we are seriously and grievously wounded in any way, it is wise to turn ourselves into and not away, from the only One who truly knows the ache deep beneath the surface of our outer being.  

     Man cannot see within the confines of the soul, God can.

     He does not promise us a trouble free life , but just as we do not thrust pain and affliction upon our children whom we adore, neither does the Lord.

      I have found Him ever faithful as the Good Father that He is.  He is closest when we are in need because we draw nearer to Him in our pain. 

      This storm, this seemingly neverending night will come to an end and the dawn will birth a new day...  "How" we weather it makes all the difference in life.  Sometimes it can even come quicker and brighter than we dared hope for... Hold on, lean in, stand in Him when you can't stand at all..

     He promised to use everything for our good as well,  and this is one of those special ways He does it with me...  

      When I feel like life is hitting me too hard and I just cannot, or am not willing to walk due to the sheer weight of my burdens,
my Father in heaven doesn't walk past me in judgment...

    He doesn't say to me, well if you did things the way I said or like them... nor does He Ever demoralize in any way who I am as an imperfect child prone to rebellion...
nope, none of that ...

     That's kind of sort of what we do to each other... ( not that were supposed to but we are rebellious by nature ) 

     God, the good Father just scoops up this little girl and holds me till my tears subside and His soothing presence calms my embattled heart gushing all over the place.  And when my thoughts slow down enough that I can hear Him, He whispers gently to me in the most tender of tones...

     Child, do you know who you are to Me ?  

     Of course by now His love has permeated my grief without words and I am ready to slowly try to stand again and with His hand in mine begin to walk beside my Father with new strength that only He could provide.  All it took was love...

     He didn't even change anything about the situation that caused the pain to begin with...   YET ...  
Though He changed everything  on the inside, and left me refueled with hope...

     I believe that if we can turn our hearts toward the Lord in our darkest most painful times, there is truly nothing that we cannot do through Christ who strengthens us.  

     If your load is too great today 
and your pain too deep, please hear the whispers of love that beckon to you here, for what He does for me He will surely do for you.  

     I have been given a great gift of spiritual sight.  It is my treasure from God alone and has given me the courage to endure great pains in many areas of my life.  As with all our talents, they are not meant to be kept hidden, but used, invested in others that my Father in heaven would have the harvest of His children's love.  You see that's why I write to you, so you may see in no uncertain terms how much He loves you... 

     Please be gentle with yourself today, Your Father in heaven is tenderly wrapping your wounded heart in His own...

    May Jesus bring the dawn !

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