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For all of Christendom ;

For the love of Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ;

     For my Beloved Jesus Christ, only son of the Father, who for the love of His children, came down from heaven, suffered for our sins, died and was burried... was risen to life everlasting and enthroned in heaven seated at His Majesties right side.  For all of time, for each and every child upon the earth, to claim redemption and life eternal ;

      and in particular for all my faithful   brothers and sisters of the Catholic faith whom I love as my own soul ...

     I was raised a good Catholic girl... where we were taught to Not read the bible for ourselves but to listen to our priest for instruction and to confess our sins and be forgiven by Them (priests), at their behest as suits their limited belief and understanding of the holy word of God...

     We prayed many prayers in repetition, not only to the Lord Jesus, but to the saints, the angels and most of all to the blessed mother of Jesus. 

    We had many, many statues to look intently upon as we prayed to them... Most fervent believers were taught to go to the blessed mother due to the fact that "She" is our intercessor and much more approachable than the mighty and fearful Lord.  Many even believe she led a sinless life...?  Clearly this is Not true as there is only One sinless being, ever !  
    We turned to her because Jesus was likened to a judge and intimidater rather than the author of love itself.  One who will scorch you with eternal fire rather than the One who actually removed that fire by taking on your sin in your place, that you would not ever have to be exposed to the punishment that may well have been due you.  

    Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus was blessed and highly favored.  She was the vessel by which we the children of God received our Savior.  I will always respect and adore her for her service and example of grace as will I all the saints recorded in the book of life.

     They are just that though, examples by which we can emulate faith and righteous living.  For it is written by the prophets,  " You shall bow down to no graven image !"  No, not even to the angels shall be bow down !

     In all the churches that I have been involved with to some degree, or been witness to, I have never met with a more reverential fear of the Lord than in the confines of the Catholic church. These are beautiful people that have been disciplined to honor our Lord.  

     However, through no fault of their own, they have also been chained by an inherent evil that has corrupted this people like no other in all of Christendom !  

    You see the Antichrist, who roams the earth seeking to devour whom ever he can, most notably the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ, all believers, ( why would he have need of the unsaved as he already has free access to them ).  

     In the Catholic church we are taught of a place called Purgatory... kind of like a re-hell place of torment by which we are scorched until we have "learned our lesson " and paid for our sins.  

    Look in the word of God, the holy bible for the word "purgatory and you will not find it !

    Hmmm...  Lets think about this for a moment shall we ?  I was taught and my father before me and so on, that I was saved by the blood sacrifice of Jesus, but I still have to go to hell at least for a time before I might go to heaven...? 

    This totally negates the entirety of His Majesties suffering on the cross !  Null and void !  This one singular fact taught in every catholic church even today has chained each believer to the lies of satan and forsakes the Lord Jesus' sacrifice upon the cross, our cross that He took in our place !  

    Sheep, beautiful little lambs of the Lord Jesus, please hearken to His voice and be set free from these chains of fear, lies and enslavement.  

     Know the voice of thy Shepherd for you need no other.  His grace is available to you anywhere at any time !  

     It took me decades to get free from the fear and shame that catholosism  enslaved me by.  Jesus is the living waters for which we thirst and He gives abundantly to all who ask.

     I am a second generation victim of the abuses of the catholic church.  I seek refuge in the arms of my Beloved every day... but I do not need any man to give this to me, for the Lord is ever present in the heart of all who believe !

    The evils of sexual abuse within the church itself are evident all over the world.  The priests are not allowed to marry and forced into an unrealistic position of enslavement that man was not intended to conform to by virtue of the way in which they were created by Almighty God Himself !  I believe that this forced enslavement to a cruel form of extreme and unnatural chastity is what led many to a life of secrecy and sexual abuses.

     If you look upon a child with lust can you possibly lead a flock to enlightenment ? Of course not ! 

   How can it be that these walls are still standing ?! 

     Do you look and not see the evil that has been exposed in your sight ...? 

    Do you hear and not understand what is right and wrong ...?  

    Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, let them hear and see the error of their ways oh God !  This wickedness will not stand before the King of Kings, the God of righteousness !

    Forgive your enemies and those who hurt you... yes... but to continue in the presence of evil after it has been exposed
and to continue to sit at the feet of someone or any entity as it continues in its sin, is a dangerous place to sit !  and one which I will no longer be a party to , lest the sin become our own !

    We are to judge righteously and call wickedness what it is ... evil.  

    The catholic church continues to propagate these evils ... 

    Yeshua, (Jesus), the sheep of Your flock are in extreme danger !  I cannot keep silent any longer for You have saved me from the hands of the evil one and I desire that You set free the captives that remain, from the chains that enslave them.  Let Your mighty hand come swiftly oh God of my salvation ! Shake the ground and sift the wheat upon the threshing floor ! Save Oh God as only You can !  Come quickly Lord and lead them to safety, beside the still waters and cause them to lay down in green pastures .  

    For Your holy names sake Lord Jesus, redeem Your servants from the enslavement of the enemy!  You alone have rescued me from the hand of the oppressor and set me free !  I will give praise and honor and glory to You alone oh Lord of my salvation !

    For more information and help with healing the wounds of childhood sexual abuse please read ...

    "Memoirs of an Unknown Soul",
 which can be purchased on the Homepage !

Thank you for reading




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