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Unknown Soul Blog

Embraced By Light

My hope is in You Lord Jesus...
in You I am powerful...
not by my strength but by Yours...

    For in You my weakness has become my strength ... in You I am a conqueror no longer oppressed... 

     In You my path is made straight... I am not aimlessly tossed amongst the waves... hopelessly dashed against the rocks... 

     In You I am more than mere mortal held by the density of this physical world... for in You Lord I am one in spirit, one in being with the most powerful force in the universe, the one and only creator of time, of space, of life itself... No longer bound by the chains of impossibilities but empowered by the miraculous...

     I once walked the earth alone...  in darkness I wandered aimlessly amongst the baren... Without purpose without light to guide me.

    I stumbled repeatedly ... grappling for something I knew not...

     When storms came my heart withered quickly as fear took the lead... took control...  Bound to it and by it, like the graveclothes of the dead.  I would stay here what seemed an eternity, agonizing over the meaning of my life... a value that did not measure up to its cost... 

      The day would come that I could bare it no longer, the pain of living in darkness overtook me, and I ached for the end to come.  In despair I reached for that something I knew not, the thing I feared the most... That was the day I looked up and saw light ...

     Warm and inviting... it surprised me for it did not burn me as I feared. I reared back in disbelief as deception tugged on my sleeve. Its a lie it whispered to me don't trust it... run, run as you always do its a trap !

      I began to turn from this strange light but as I looked upon the landscape traversed,
 at what was once my life, I  wondered, to what and to where was I going to run...

      I remembered the cold dark that brought me to this place, this choice... I turned again toward the light and ran... this time I allowed it to embraced me... and never looked back...

     What once I feared has now set me free from the darkness of fear itself... even from the bonds of death... 

     What is it  that you are afraid oh child of God ?  

     Fear not for I am with you ...   I will go before you and I shall overshadow you...

    Come out from the darkness and be embraced by My Light...

    Jesus Christ, the Light of the world... Come My beloved child, come... I love you and I will never leave you nor forsake you.
Memoirs of an Unknown Soul 
 AnnMarie Sargent

A supernatural love story like no other...
This is a story of amazing grace. Triumph over tragedy. The courageous will to survive against all odds and the awe inspiring power of the greatest gift of all time, divine love.
Straight from heaven come words of hope, inspiration and comfort. This book contains powerful words of truth wrapped in uncommon wisdom for the soul.
Prepare your heart to be moved by this engaging, emotionally charged journey of the human spirit as directed by the Hand of God, Jesus Christ Himself takes personal charge of the delicate life of one child.
Through her journey and search for healing, our young heroine begins keeping a journal...
when the unexpected and supernatural happens...
Some "unknown soul" begins to respond to her journal entries in a hand writing that is not her own... 
In this sensitive approach to healing the heart and soul of the undeniably horrendous effects of childhood sexual abuse, it is the heaven sent "messages" received by our young heroine that become the focal point of the book.
Within the pages of this book the reader is invited far into the depths of one precious and innocent heart to witness the tenderest touch of Gods own hand as He ignites an ember of love into a supernatural burning flame.
Come and experience the gentle touch of God through the pages, straight into the heart. You won't be able to put it down and it will leave you craving more...

Purchase online now !

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