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Unknown Soul Blog


       Dream... Dream... Dream...

     God gives His children dreams, visions and hearts to believe...

     Not to lead us into delusions but to instill within us a hope... a hope that will defy logic... a hope that seems impossible... a hope that will require His help to achieve, that we may walk close with our God... a dream that will bring Him glory and birth in us a heartsong like we have never sung before... a life filled with love and joy, a life of abundance.

      Hope in the One who gives you the dream and He will give you your hearts desire... He knows better than we just what will bring us the most joy in this life, and He provides for us all that we need to live that dream...

     I was one of the most blessed people I know for I lived my hearts desire... for a time...

     Though the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy, I will be with you says our Father in heaven...

     Well that enemy did come ... he stole my heart, took from me my dream, my farm, my husband, my family, my money, every furry friend I had loved, my health ... He left no stone unturned of this temple of God... and the song in my heart died... 

                    But God...

     God had not forgotten this little lambs heart, nor the dream that He alone placed in me ...

     God has a RESET button... and as soon as we are ready He pushes that big button for us, and lo, the skies will open and pour out such blessing that you haven't room enough to store !  There is nothing too hard , too big, too painful, too complex, too anything for the God of all creation, the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end !  He is the restorer, the deliverer, the giver of dreams, of life, of every good thing!

     Ask of Him to revive in you a dream you may have given up on, a vision of hope, your hearts desire, the one that He placed in you from the beginning of time.

     The Lord has a beautiful life plan for each of us and longs to see us walk in it, knowing the absolute joy it will bring you, His precious child... and this is His great pleasure as well... 

     He knows where to take you to find the perfect path, you know the one that helps you heal, the steps you will need to take to find all that you will need. Before we even know what our hearts desire is, He is already busy putting people places and life lessons in your path to bring you into the beautiful picture of life that you will paint ... 

     He will use everything to help you in pursuit of this , His plan for you...
All we need to do is listen, believe and follow...

     Sometimes life deals us such heartache, pain so deep and all consuming... we forget to breathe... how to love... how to dream...

     I was a casualty of this...

     But God ...

     He knew what it would take to revive this brokenness that was me... He knew how long it would take to heal this unspeakable agony... 

     He knew that only He had the power to breathe life back into this heart...

     It took seven years. Seven long years... Until I would dream the right dream once again, the one that He placed within my soul... 

     The dream that I abandoned so long 
ago ... The one the enemy took from me... He knew that I would walk away and not turn back... Until now... 

     But it all began as a healing of my heart... for from the heart springs forth  new life... let your heart be healed first everything else comes after this...

     We may give up hope but God never does !  and He never, ever gives up on
 us !

      Mercy... Grace... Love... Hope

     Once again I can breathe. I can hope. I can dream. My heart is beating again... 

     Jesus, oh dear Jesus, thank You for healing my heart ! For restoring my ability to dream, hope and trust in Your holy providence .  

     For those of you that are carrying a heavy burden, a weight so arduous that your feeling crushed by the sheer magnitude of it... Hold fast to the hand of our Lord.  He can restore you to a place far greater than what once was... more beautiful than you have ever imagined.  

     It is in the hands of the Master Craftsman that we are redefined as a new an improved version of the shadows we leave in our wake. You may be suffering unjust and cruel punishment from the evils of this world.  You may have no recourse to enact the changes or to bring the justice that you richly deserve.  

     Though there is One who can...
 The One who holds the keys to justice, to mercy, to victory, to lasting joy, to life eternal. Go to Him now, go to Your Savior, this is where we find mercy and justice,  for these things He loves . 

    if you shall seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him... 

     Lord Jesus, please help us to come into Your loving embrace today. Lead us in the direction we must go to walk closely with You and into the life that You planned for us.  For this is where we will find the realization of our true hearts desire. We give You thanks, praise and glory for worthy is the Lamb of 
God !  Restore us Lord and magnify Your glory in us we pray . In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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