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Be The Light

     Are you struggling with something difficult today ? 


     I have found that throughout my life whenever I am seriously overcome by my own needs or the lack of my own ability to solve them, one thing has continually helped me ...

     It is rather simple though at the time may seem an insurmountable task... 

    The specific difficulty I am currently weighed down by is not important...  what is imperative is that I think of someone other than myself, and the quicker the better...

     For example, if I am in terrible physical pain, which I do suffer with, I will pray for someone else who may be suffering like myself or in even worse pain. Perhaps they do not have the benefit of  proper medical treatment or are in a place where no one can even find them.  Like a car accident in an unseen area, or a war torn country and aide will not be available for long periods of time, or not at all..  

     If I don't personally know of anyone thats alright, God knows who needs my prayers and uses them to help those in need.  He hears all of our prayers. I pray for people I have never met all the time.
 I am confident that He answers them as well.  Why you may ask... Because I have seen His hand of healing touch people close to me through prayers that, I believe He alone has placed upon my heart to pray. Not only do they help the person you are praying for, but in turn the act of praying for others has come back to bless me in my own life and struggles.

     The act of stepping outside of your own circumstances and praying on behalf of another is in itself an act of sacrifice and is an acceptable and pleasing offering to the Lord our God. 

     In this we lead another soul to give praise and glory to God in heaven... and in so doing we bring ourselves closer to God and to the blessings we need to break through the darkness' of the current trial that we are combating.

    We need to remember that God lives in each of us.  We are all His children and as such we have the ability to shine our light, ( His light within us ) into any situation and or person .  Actually, we have a responsibility to do this for each other. " Love thy neighbor as thy self..."

     Prayer is how we do it best.  It is the most powerful weapon I know of.  Of course it isn't the only way to shine our light but it is the perfect place to begin, and a starting point for a more active roll in Christs "Kingdom" ...

     As you do this, stepping outside of your own stuff, even if only momentarily, Gods light is brightening within your own being as you are "transmitting", for lack of a better term, His light , in the form of selfless prayer, for another.  In other words you cannot pray for another and not be touched by this same light which passes through you. 

    Can you hold a lantern for someone else and not have the same light shine upon yourself while in your hand ?

     So let your light shine today, it just may be the one thing that turns the tide in two lives...

     Father in heaven, I cry out to You on behalf of my brothers and sisters in their hour of need, please hear and answer my prayer for all those precious children of Yours who are suffering today with;

 debilitating pain, every form of illness and disease, depression and all mental disabilities, extreme poverty, hunger, fear and anxiety for a future they know not, for the children of abuse which pain knows no limit, for the lonely and the grieving, the heart broken and those held in spiritual bondage, and for all others calling upon Your name for relief and deliverance.  

     Lord Jesus I pray that You touch your children and give to them the refreshing drink of Your Living Waters and fill them with Your peace that surpasses all understanding as they wait for Your mighty hand to deliver them from all their sufferings.  

      Lord come quickly in answer to their needs, to heal their pains, to hold them close as only You can... draw them into Your tender embrace and comfort them.

      Beloved, Lamb of God I give You praise and glory for You alone are worthy, You alone are faithful and true, mighty and awesome in power and majesty ! Come my King Jesus come ! Amen and amen.


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