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Unknown Soul Blog

February 2016

Significant Sparrow

    The magnitude and glory of our Lord is just not measurable... let us try and take stock...

     Shall we look at the sparrow, common and without majesty ?  

     She can fly high upon the clouds... gloriously taking to the sky and yet in a moment dart back to the earth were she is needed most. 

     She knows the importance of herself and her purpose, yet humbly accepts all without complaint.  
    Having no regard for the beauty and splendor of the more colorful birds, she is blissfully unaware of  what we term common.

In His Hands

     Somewhere in the moments between dreaming and waking I heard a voice gently call to me.  

     "Little One, receive my blessing," he said in soft yet commanding tone.  As I looked up I saw Him standing before me with outstretched arms...

       Effortlessly,  I was lifted into his embrace.  As he drew me to Himself  I became like a three year old child.  One arm naturally wrapped around his neck and with the other my thumb found its way to my mouth.



In silence He sat behind me.
Like an air of royalty, His 
presence consumed me...

Trembling I to wonder...
Leave no doubt in my mind 
I ask of Thee... 
        and He looked through the window to my soul,
  as the world shook beneath my feet...

Touched my hand,
and purified
 my heart...  

and the words embedded in my mind...

I will hold the pen, 
He will hold my hand...
I will open my mouth, 
He will inspire the world... 
I will lift my foot,

One Body

      My church, my beautiful church why are you condemning Me ?

     Does not My body need all it's parts to be in good health ?  How then can you turn to the eye and say I do not need you for I have found new insight... do you think then that you will see better with only one eye... or hear more accurately with only one ear ... or will you walk on one leg ?  

     No, you will stumble and cause My sheep to scatter into the wilderness from whence they have come , thirsty and seeking refuge.


for my sake
You have torn the veil... broke off my chains... set me free...

     Your blood is not spilled in vain ! 
Your life is my ransom ! I am no longer a captive, a slave to a merciless master. 
Your blood is my salvation.  My King, my Beloved Messiah !  

    Step into the power that is your God given right and declare your deliverance today.  The God of all creation lives inside of you.  He is not a passive God but an active God.


     To love lavishly is to reach beyond...
  down into the depths of the soul of man by way of the heart... 

 Bypassing the physical,  the intellect, the misguided thoughts, words and actions... the sin nature of man.  

     To look past it all through the window of the soul... with the eyes of grace...  

     To look straight into and through the darkness, and into the light.  Though it be buried deep , it burns within and craves to shine brightly to the glory of God.

Answer the Call

      For I know the plans I have for you, good plans... plans to prosper you. 

      Lord I empty myself out for Your holy names sake.  My heart, my soul, my strength,  my hands and my feet... let me see through Your eyes today, the divine child within , the soul behind the mask of pain, the heart in agony beating beneath the weight of its crushing burden...

      Take my hand today Lord and lead me to the one who needs Your breathe of life.

Embraced By Light

My hope is in You Lord Jesus...
in You I am powerful...
not by my strength but by Yours...

    For in You my weakness has become my strength ... in You I am a conqueror no longer oppressed... 

     In You my path is made straight... I am not aimlessly tossed amongst the waves... hopelessly dashed against the rocks... 

     In You I am more than mere mortal held by the density of this physical world... for in You Lord I am one in spirit, one in being with the most powerful force in the universe, the one and only creator of time, of space, of life itself.


       Dream... Dream... Dream...

     God gives His children dreams, visions and hearts to believe...

     Not to lead us into delusions but to instill within us a hope... a hope that will defy logic... a hope that seems impossible... a hope that will require His help to achieve, that we may walk close with our God... a dream that will bring Him glory and birth in us a heartsong like we have never sung before... a life filled with love and joy, a life of abundance.


Glory be to God the Father ! 

and to His Son, Jesus, Savior of the world !

and to the mighty and powerful Holy Spirit !

     My Father... My Beloved... My Husband ... here I am ! 

     Lift me up into Your strong embrace for I long to be held by You.  The seas are raging and its dark and cold here.  But in Your arms I am up above all of this.  Oh how I love to be in Your embrace ! 

     You say, peace and my heart is steady... You say, be still, and the raging waters of the world are calmed and become like a sea of glass.

Childlike Faith

Would you allow the enemy to run rampant among your children ...  
Who are you, but God's precious child ...

     How often do we run to the rescue of someone else and ignore the child in the mirror... 

     Helping those in need is certainly honorable and a good work, tho today I would like to speak to the you in the mirror... that you would be better able to do the work for which you are called...

     If we do not reign in ourselves and take control of our thoughts the evil one will have control and be a continual source of anguish to our souls.

Daily Hope

Be The Light

     Are you struggling with something difficult today ? 


     I have found that throughout my life whenever I am seriously overcome by my own needs or the lack of my own ability to solve them, one thing has continually helped me ...

     It is rather simple though at the time may seem an insurmountable task... 

    The specific difficulty I am currently weighed down by is not important...  what is imperative is that I think of someone other than myself, and the quicker the better.

A Light In The Dark


It only takes a little light to begin to disperse the darkness...


     If you have ever felt closed in by the dark... surrounded by negativity...  crushed by the shear heaviness of your burden ... or entirely enshrouded by the fear of it...

     Remember one thing, with the striking of one small match, the darkness is immediately dispersed ...  and you can begin to find your way again.  

     Hope... This is the match with which we can break through the darkness.


you have friends that you never knew you had...

     Right now we are praying for you, blessing you, coming alongside of you in faith.  As a nation, a people, an individual, we lift you up in support and ask the God of Abraham, of all creation to shine His light upon you. 

     My entire childhood I heard negative things about Israel,  and yet somewhere in the depths of my being I held a sense of longing for you that I did not understand ...


We are all called to Gods purposes for our lives...
Give glory to God the Father as His only begotten Son has taught us. 
Offer prayers of thanksgiving and songs of praise.  For our God is good and just !
With His mighty right arm He upholds the righteous and defends the oppressed.
Mercy and justice are His who are willing to live by the commands of the Father.
He is a father to the fatherless a husband to the widow.

Let God Cook

Give God the time to season you to perfection...

Stay in peace... Trust in the providential hand of God... 
He's got you, and that problem your struggling to maneuver your way through  ...

 He IS working all things out for the best possible outcome on your behalf.  Give Him time to prepare you... for the extraordinary life He has designed ...


Some dishes are best cooked in a crock pot.  They need time to simmer, many hours in fact, so all the ingredients and flavors can blend beautifully together accentuating each other, in order to be fully "ready" and most delicious.
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