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Unknown Soul Blog


The transformation of a soul 
through hope...

The purpose of hope...

Hope is the starting place of new and wonderful developments, prior to their manifestation upon the earth.

For if I did not hope, I would not have have learned and begun those first shaky steps of faith...

 I would not have dreamed the dream that now comes to birth within my heart, within the world around me...

First in the heart, a small ember...
then in the mind, a dawn of creative processes... and the ember ignites into a small flame...

Until... into the natural world it is ready to be birthed with such a burning desire that that no man could quench...  

Gods purpose for our soul... our destiny ... the awesome path which God Himself planned from the beginning of time...

As time passes and my soul is nurtured by the hand of God with such great care and tender affection, as to take a child of affliction and so turn this life around as to create a completely new form...

I say to a hurting world, a people without hope, a child who is lost in the wilderness of darkness;

 There is always reason to hope  ... in the gentle and tender love of our Father who will not slumber in His pursuit to rescue His precious child from affliction. 

We tend to forget what He has done for us while in the midst of our sufferings. How does that help me now, we cry out in our frustration and pain ...

My dear child, it is this very same Jesus, the cross that He carried for you on that awful day of His suffering, that has not only paid the price for your eternal salvation, but has also paved the way for your daily victory... your triumphant  transformation... into the you that you are destined to become...

I have suffered many things for many years, helplessness as a child of abuse and the onslaught of depression that would become a long and hard fought battle , and victory... debilitating pain from a spinal cord injury...  the fight for  survival against cancer, and so on...

  All of which leave deep emotional and physical scars, in turn requiring more healing...

 Though my biggest battles were and are won on the everyday battlefield ... the battle for faith through hope.  

Had the Lord not given me hope to hold onto I would never have survived. Not only hope for my eternal reward , but in the ability to receive the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living...

This one thing... hope... kept me alive at times I would have preferred to succumb...  

But God...

He just would not allow me to give up.  
This is why I write to you today... 
This is why I can sit here at my computer and bang the words of a hope in something greater than myself... something so all consuming that it defies all reason... a love so ever present within my soul, so extremely tender that words escape me... but I must... I am compelled to tell you, the you who are hurting from wounds so deep you cant even see a future, never mind a bright and beautiful one...

I have been there... Ive been in the fire and I have found a way out... more appropriately put,  He found me...

I am still here and I have some things I would like to say to you... to the old me... to the child of God that does not know how desperately cherished she/he is... 

Never, ever give up your hope !  there is a light shining down from heaven ... just for you... right now... 

Through it all I have come to know in the depths of my heart that He would do it all again in a second just for me, just for you !  

Yes, if you were the only person on earth, God the Father would come here to the earth clothed in humanity and suffer all over again the agony of the cross, for you alone... to free you from all that threatens you harm...

That is how much He loves YOU...

 I am just one little sheep.  One whom the Shepherd found, gently lifted upon His strong shoulders, wrapped in such tenderness, gracious mercy and unwavering love, and carried me across the stormy seas of a brokenness I can scarcely describe... tho I will try, that you may know the extent of His love for you.

To remind you to never give up hope. 
To tell you that there is an enemy that will persistently attempt to steal your hope, your joy, your beautiful future that God has designed just for you. 

Hope, leads to faith and that is all you need to begin the journey back to the land of living, abundantly... to the blessings of the Lord... to your soul purpose which, when you discover it, will ignite in you such passion that you will wonder what life was like before... and never look back.

Reach out for the hand of grace, the hand of hope, the hand of God... and allow His love to begin to fill you with His breathe of life... the moment you do, your transformation has begun...

 For you are a child of the God of all creation, and precious in His sight...
Thank You Jesus Christ for all that You do for me each and every day. 

 I remain in Your hands. 

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