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Unknown Soul Blog

Self Condemnation

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your might...

When Christ shed His blood on the cross, it was for anyone who believes,  to be forgiven all his sins.

Not for a select few, nor for only certain trespasses ...  All who believe in the precious name of Jesus Christ are set free and gain entry to life eternal with God in heaven.  

That's it, so simple and yet so difficult for us to grasp. It is we who cannot forgive our offenders and ourselves our grievous sins.

One of the things that holds us back is shame and self loathing. This too He shall cast far from us... 

We must remember that we are not alone in this battle.  I am convinced that the majority of this war is won in our spirit and not our body in the natural. For it is written, you fight against the prince of darkness, principalities and evil that we cannot see... This makes our Advocate in the Holy Spirit  absolutely essential for victory in this war for our soul.  

Call upon the holy name of Jesus, believe that in the  confessing of  your sins before Him, you are indeed redeemed and set free.  Then He will send the mighty and awesome Advocate in the form of His Holy Spirit to dwell within the depths of your soul.  Never again will fight these battles alone! 

Believe...  for if we do not, we render His sacrifice null and void to our own detriment ...
and we do not enjoy the fruit of His blessings as He tended us to. 

If we believe that Jesus died to forgive us our sins and we ourselves continue to condemn ourselves than our faith is lacking and we will judge each other in like manner. 

 In order to have true freedom it takes faith.  To love our neighbor as ourselves as Jesus commands us, we must certainly be willing to first love ourselves as Christ loves us... This is wisdom. 

Allow yourselves the holy presence of the Lord to settle your spirit with His peace and set you free from shame and self condemnation.  He came to set you free and to make in you a new man/ woman... Let Him lead you out of bondage and into true freedom.

If you have received the grace of redemption through the blood of Christ, but do not feel free, further surrendering is necessary.   

This is another of many levels of the circumcision of the the skin of an onion, there are many layers to peel back before you get to the actual heart... There are many layers to our pains, our healing of them, to our abilities, and the development of them and so on... We are complex creatures and our growth is a lifelong process, one which if we are wise , continually brings us closer to the likeness of our Creator...

 Your Father in heaven knows everything in your heart, He sees what is hidden even from ourselves.  The Holy Spirit comes alongside us to aide us in this process. To reveal to us the things which must be released, healed, and changed that we may grow into the beautiful creation and live the abundant life which God has planned for each of us.

Your Father in heaven loves you more than you can imagine.  You were created in His own likeness.  His divine breathe of life lives in you.  He never stops nor slumbers while you struggle. No, He is working in you and for you that you would enjoy His good gifts to the fullest !  I myself have found His love to be nothing short of relentless ! 

 His presence is ever with you, His help always available to you, constantly watching over you, nurturing your soul, directing your steps in the way that you should go. The Holy Spirit is our comfort in times of sorrow, our teacher when we are willing to listen, our provider of every good thing we need to grow closer to Him who created us.

Open your hearts anew today. There is no greater prayer than to honor the Lord with a diligent effort to draw close to Him.  For in this one act alone, all things become possible. It says I love You... I trust You... I believe that You love me and have my best interest at hand.  This act of faith allows God to do what He loves to do... to bless His children...

I pray that you are blessed today with a new level of freedom, with peace that surpasses all understanding and with all the good gifts that your Father in heaven desires to give you. In Jesus name. Amen.

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