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Bless or Curse

Israel ...
and I the Lord thy God will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you...

Any questions ? Not for this writer. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was quite clear on this. There are only two choices there, you bless or you curse. And whatever you choose will be coming right back to your own front door.

With our words , our prayers, our actions, our money, our time, even our thoughts carry a weight of responsibility.
When we choose to positively effect another person or body of people, there is a re-action if you will. We are blessing them in some way and they are a recipient of this action; if we give a monetary donation to a charity we have blessed them.  When they receive this money , they can use it to help people in need and have become the beneficiary of our benevolent action.  

When we pray for a sick friend we become the vehicle through which God blesses them and they become the beneficiary of these prayers and are helped in their time of need. 

Have you ever prayed for someone and had them come back to you at a later date and tell you of how they were helped in some extraordinary way at the same hour you had prayed for them or in the same circumstance for which you prayed ... 

God hears your prayers, every single one of them...

He also hears our murmurings, or more appropriately put, our complaints. Our negative attitudes and spiteful type thoughts and actions can have a harmful effect upon the recipient as well, tho a much more negative effect will be experienced by the sender of said actions...  

Ever spoken poorly about someone only to find out later that this person was in fact righteous ... and then had to face yourself in the mirror after realizing the  harm that your words may have done to their reputation, their career, their family and loved ones...  We need to be mindful of what we think... careful of the words we speak... purposeful in the actions we take.  We all need to learn to "love on purpose" even when its inconvenient, especially then...

If we want the "re-actions" that will follow our own actions and inevitably  flow back to us to be a blessing and not a cursing , then we need to be purposeful in becoming that blessing ...

 When there are unjust actions toward others or unholy, hurtful and God forbid, actions that come from a place of evil intentions... this is all together a different animal and entirely unacceptable. That said , this is not the instance I am addressing at present.

God has a wonderful and very special plan for each of His precious children.
Indeed, when it comes to His children of Israel He was adamant in how they were to be treated as an example to all.  In Gods plan to redeem His children, they have a precise role to play in history.   It is important for us to listen carefully to the words of the prophets concerning them.  It is all too easy to judge their transgressions of the past as bad behavior and think this no longer applys... but wait a moment;  this promise was made as an "everlasting" covenant...  a promise that God intends to keep.  

In keeping with Gods character throughout history, we should do well to remember the words of His holy prophets and consider Gods own actions in fear and trembling as He repeatedly delivers His chosen people in the most miraculous and majestic ways.  And this, even after their rebellion is exposed... 
Gods mercy is everlasting, His love is boundless and all His ways are good...

We can depend on Him to keep His word... His promises... He will not fail us, it is we who sell Him short every time...

In my humble opinion, it does not take a scholar to understand the message in this arena. I dont know about you but I intend to obey the word of God and bless His chosen people and receive my blessing. 

We will never understand all things this side of heaven, if we could what need would there be for faith or trust or a Father's wisdom...

I will look to my Father in heaven and the historical accounts that show His divine character in practical ways that even I can grasp...

I pray that your hearts will be led by the Holy Spirit of the living God of Abraham, and His only begotten Son, our Messiah, King Jesus ...

In His Hands,

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