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Unknown Soul Blog

Love Honor Serve

To love...
what does it mean to love ?

It can mean a variety of differing things to a great many.

For me, to love is an act of faith, something we do, not knowing weather it will be returned unto us, something that is given freely, abundantly, lavishly without reserve or demands of a return on our investment of time, energy of goods and or money.  

I describe it in this way because it is how the Lord Jesus and God The Father through the Holy Spirit have loved me.

It is my love story... the greatest gift that I could have ever received.  Now I would like to share it with you, His precious children.  For as He has loved me so shall I love you...  Freely it has been given to me and freely will I give unto you. 

My story of redemption, of reclaiming all that was stolen from me, of the cleansing and dressing of wounds left unchecked as decades of suffering dragged on.  Of deliverance from evil bondage that held me captive unbeknownst to me.  As one by one this web of tangled knots of deception were untied and smoothed out, my life restored to me , for the glory and honor of God.  By Him all things are made possible and no thing is ever to small or too large that He is not delighted to help recover for His lost little lambs.  No disease, no barrier, time or corruption shall come to thee that the Father has not seen and given you the ability to overcome in His strength for His glory.  

This little lamb has been set free ! to honor God with all that He has bestowed unto me.  My heart , my soul, my strength, I give back to You oh Lord...

At this time I would like to begin something new;  

the inception of a benevolent organization to help the children of God in a variety of ways.

The Unknown Soul Organization

I have seen the suffering of My people says the Lord... who will go out and deliver them in My name... who will move forward at My command and set the captives free...  Who will feed My sheep, clothe the naked, tenderly touch the brokenhearted with My love...  who will shepherd My little ones with loving kindness, gentle encouragement, words of wisdom to guide them to My embrace... bring peace to the children of the earth...

I said , " I will go Lord. You have given me so much their are no words eloquent enough to describe the treasure trove of peaceful delights which You have endowed me.  Your mighty hand has gone forth before me, protected and preserved me, created in me a safe haven in which all Your little ones will be welcomed in honor of Your all consuming love ... for such a time as this I was placed upon the earth.  

I will love honor and serve with all that I am, the Lord my God, Your holy Son, Jesus the Messiah and the Mighty Holy Spirit by which You have saved me.

May You be glorified in all that I do.

I am certain there will be much more to come as I learn and grow in this new ministry to which I am called. At present  I ask for your prayers as I move into this new and exciting season of my life. 

Purposes of the Unknown Soul Organization :

To reestablish ancestry connections of the twelve tribes of Israel, and aide in their return to Israel by providing material support. 

To supply support and instruction to all interested peoples in the ways of the Christ centered life of faith.

These can and will include my Christian brothers and sisters in need, institutions of faith, as well as my neighbors of whom all peoples of the earth inclined to learn of the truth of Gods wisdom are unilaterally invited.  One only need look past ones front door to find peoples suffering from a variety of circumstances including but not limited to, many forms of disease be they physical, psychological and or spiritual; addiction, poverty, abuses, depression, malnutrition, lack of medical treatment and many , many others.  There is no shortage of people in need...

Though the primary focus is on the saving of souls, as with any faith based organization, it is difficult to discuss the issues of salvation while yet someone is hungry, cold, homeless or hopelessly tormented either by spiritual, physical or emotional strains. 

One must seek to "show" the mercies of God in practical and menial ways, providing first a remedy for the suffering while administering the healing balm for the soul, which is and always will be , the Love of Christ Jesus. 

 Hope... Everyone needs hope, each of us on planet earth needs to be encouraged at times, and we all need to feel loved.  To belong to someone, something , to be accepted, in our imperfections, our frailties, right here within our fallen 
nature ... 

You are a holy creation of the Eternal One, who endeavors to envelop you in His boundless love.  To tenderly touch your precious heart with that of His own...

This is the hope that grace breathes right into our beings through the spirit of divine love.  

This is in essence what I seek to convey through the ministry of The Unknown Soul Organization, to each and every one of Gods children.

  More to come on the ministry as it develops...

In His Hands
AnnMarie Sargent

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