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Unknown Soul Blog

Trusting the Process

Changes come, new things are born into our lives all the time...

Sometimes we are acutely aware of them and pained.

Other changes come silently and stealthily, and before we know it we are walking into new territory that we never even imagined ourselves in. Whatever the course of your life the message is always the same; Fear Not !  

We have an awesome God who knows our hearts better than we ourselves do. 
If we place our trust in Him instead of our own limited knowledge of life we both honor God and we are rewarded with blessings we never knew we wanted.

God taught me this many years ago with a beautiful newborn child.  I did not think I wanted one as I was just getting teen aged children out on their own and preparing for a life of middle aged activities.  ( and freedom ;) )  Now at the time I was happily married living out my dream on a beautiful farm up north.
"My" plan did not include starting over with a new baby, tho I do absolutely adored children. I think I should tell you a joke about here...

Want to make God laugh ? Tell Him you have a plan ... hardee har har ! 

Because He has one and it's divine, and by the way, His plan is perfectly suited for your growth and true happiness in mind.

So when He began to show me this child in my visions and dreams I asked Him why ... His answer was simply , 
"It is your hearts desire, you just don't know it yet..."

Ten years later; this baby, my hearts desire, has brought to me more joy and strength than anything I have ever experienced in my 50 years upon this earth. Yup, God was right...

So , maybe you thought He was a bit off with His plan for you ? 

Not if you are trusting Him and allowing His divine Spirit to lead you. You see thats where we get lost and confused a lot of the time, in the trusting of His providence ... 

Your King knows all, sees all, He is right there beside you in all that you are going through. In all that we experience He asks one thing, Love Him through it all...

If you are going through a difficult season of loneliness, allow Him to be your companion...

If you are going through a season of poverty, love Him in the poverty, He is teaching you something in it...

If you are suffering with disease and pain, allow His peace to enrapture you in this distress...

No matter what the season, I have found that I can find His peace and joy if I am willing to let Him teach me, guide me, love me... when I am allowing His grace to permeate every part of my heart... this is what makes it possible to do the seemingly impossible in my own life...

For it is in the heart that healing takes place, grace flows and blessings are found it their truest form. 

There are some lessons in life that require us to go through difficult times in order, divine order, to prepare us for further blessings to come to us. So if you are in one of these hard times of life I would like to encourage you to stay in a place of love, even through the dark days, for it is there that we grow the most in grace. When we are hurting it is so easy to scream why God ? and rail against Him. But what will help us the most is to refrain from this and allow ourselves to love at all times. For if we desire to hurry up and get through this dark place, we must first be willing to go through it and in the submitting of our will , the storm is quieted by the Master Himself...

It helps me to be reminded in these times of the scars in His hands... 
of the price He paid for my sins...
 of the reason we are here in the first place...
to glorify our Father in heaven.

Your Father knows the pain you are feeling, the difficulty of your life. He does not desire that you hurt or suffer in any way.  But He knows how to help you overcome the things causing the issue and if you will trust Him He is only to happy to help you get untangled in the web of life creating your difficulties.

I pray that you are comforted through the struggles of life and that divine relief comes to you in whatever form will help you the greatest. To grow and prosper in every way. Lord please touch Your children with a fresh anointing of Your 
most glorious love.  Let Your grace flow from heaven above and cover them with holy protection and uncommon wisdom to guide them, and allow them to see Your divine providence in their lives.

Most merciful Savior, we thank You and glorify Your holy name today and every day, in every season and all things.
In Jesus Name. Amen.

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