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Unknown Soul Blog

Light in the Darkness

These are perilous times we are living in...

The natural world is birthing what had begun in the spirit realm, for this war is of good and evil... We are fighting a battle for souls, in our hearts, in our minds and in our bodies. But it began in the spirit, the ultimate war over the souls of the children of God. 

Do not be shaken nor let the enemy take hold of your heart,
for the Lord thy God has already defeated this enemy at the cross...

The Lord, in all His merciful ways has given you the strength to overcome. Through Him, in Him, by His strength you shall walk out your faith and bare witness to Him that won this battle on your behalf.  He never sends trials without warning us first. Beware, stand firm in the faith that the enemy shall not overtake you.  It is in the hearts and minds that this evil will be overcome unto our soulful victory to the glory of God.

Horrendous bombings in Paris, an explosion in my own back yard...

It is difficult to watch this war unfold, which will spread throughout the world with the ultimate goal of extinguishing the lives of the innocent and claiming Israel , the holy land as its own. For that is the intended destination, tho it will create chaos, destruction and devastate all it can in its path. For this evil can only be defeated by the hearts and minds through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.  Though he, (the enemy who is the devil) comes only to kill, steal and destroy, we have an advocate in the Holy Spirit who comes to gives us good counsel, strength, protection and comfort, to direct our paths on behalf of the Father ... to lead us in the way that we should go. 

We are not without hope, for the Lord Jesus Christ has sent the Comforter to aide us.

There will be wars and rumors of wars... 

The prophets from old warned of these times that are now upon us... the season that Jesus Himself predicted, in this writers humble opinion have come into the fullness of time...

So what do we do ?  When chaos and affliction are all around us, destruction and mayhem... it can be terrifying for certain. 

He says , Fear Not, for a reason... 
 For we are not of this world, but citizens of Heaven, our eternal home, therefore we call upon our Holy Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit along with the army of holy Angels that He has given to us to defend and protect us as we do battle for our souls against powers of darkness and principalities in the spirit realm... and this is where they will be defeated...
Let nothing pull you from your faith lest you fall into sin and away from the heavenly graces that afford you the protection you so desperately need in these most perilous times.

The things of this world will pass away, but eternal things are everlasting...

 When we are grounded in our faith we shall not be shaken. We will have the strength to endure and persevere through all things in Christ. It is only by His power that we will be able to stand... to be victorious in the face of evil... to overcome every hardship... But we must first allow Him entrance to our hearts ... and lean into Him, at times with all we have, and He will see us through, even carry us when our path threatens to overtake us. There is nothing we cannot do when rooted in the Word of God, steeped in the presence of the Almighty.


We were told to not only anticipate trials but to expect that it will come upon the whole earth.  Does this mean we cave in and allow defeat to enter our hearts, 
NO !  he told us these things that we could be forewarned, that we would prepare ourselves for the battles that would ensue...  

The apostle Paul teaches us to gain our strength from the Lord and turn to our brothers and sisters in love, encouragement and comfort one another always. Pray for each other and give thanks to God that we have the Advocate of the Holy Spirit sent to us from the Son of God to help us.

Be the Light to those who are suffering these terrible atrocities. Pray for them, that in their deep and terrible grief they should not be overtaken.  

but for the grace of God they are you and me...

In the hands of Jesus Christ, 
I pray for the peace and security of Israel, for Paris France, my own country of America and for the whole earth. For Your strength and power, wisdom and grace to overshadow us Lord, and lead us in the paths of righteousness unto the day of our salvation. Protect us oh God and lead us safely home unto Your loving embrace. Amen. 

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