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Unknown Soul Blog

Ingredients of a Miracle

For it is the Fathers good pleasure to bless His precious children !

I did not grow up knowing this. I was not taught that God wanted to bless me... 
But God came Himself to teach me the truth... so that I would know Him, His great love for me and how He longs to bless each one of His children. 

Did you know that He can turn pennies into gold ...  a mourning broken heart into a joy filled love for life... that He can fill empty darkness with a supernatural light... that He can heal even the worst of pain, restore diseased and broken bodies back to perfect health... that He desires to give you the love of your life, yes what we like to term our soulmate... 
He actually wants desperately to give us all of these wonderful blessings and so much more. 

How ?  I have learned that there are three specific ingredients to this.  The first is Hope.  You won't attain much in life without first hoping for it, dreaming of it, desiring to reach it...  It's the same with this.  Let yourself hope for whatever it is you desire.  Then pray.  Ask your Father in heaven if this is something that is good for you. If so, ( and you need to listen to Him here, cause He may have something even better for you ) 
then lets allow Him the time to prepare you for it.  

By this I mean lets say you want a good match for a spouse. Someone who will love you and be good to you and for you in all ways. Are you ready for them ? Maybe. Possibly God would like to help you heal your broken heart prior to getting involved again. Will you let Him lead, give Him room to teach you what you can do to insure the success of your marriage... even help you make a good choice... Because He will do all of this for His children who will cry out to Him and heed His wisdom. He wants you to be happy, never meant for you to be lonely or alone. Will you let the Lord come in to you and keep you company for a while as He mends that wound of yours so that it doesn't fester and destroy the beauty He has planned for you. Can you trust Him with this ?  

As you begin to hope and trust guess what... you are going to fall in love with the Author of love itself... and beyond that you will heal wounds you didn't even know you had.  

Afterward He will present you to your future spouse in much better shape than when you first cried out to Him. You may have changed quite a bit through this process, all for your good, because nothing goes to waste with God. If you will wait upon the Lord, He is faithful to deliver over and above all that you can even imagine or ask.  Give Him your time, your trust, give Him your heart and see what He will do with you for you...

If you do;

You will have learned how to love, really love, the way God loves you...
You will have learned to trust Him with your heart, your life , your soul...
You will know your value in Gods own eyes and never sell yourself short or settle for less than Gods plan again...
You will have learned faith in what is unseen and how to bring it into being, in yourself and in the world around you...

And you will have become a new person, maybe one you don't even recognize from the old you... but you can be assured  ... you will be pleased with who is looking back to you from the mirror of your soul.

What was that dream worth to you anyway ... is it worth working for... waiting for... how long would you wait for the desire of your heart straight from the throne of grace ... and how many other blessings will you have to count along the path as you walk with God...


Trust the Lord thy God with all your heart, and watch the miracle be birthed in you...

In love and peace, I pray you are filled with His amazing grace today. 
In Jesus mighty name, amen.

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