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Imposed Abstinence Holy or Sinful ?

To the Catholic church;

Abraham was married and had sons, Moses was married and had sons, Arron was married and had sons, King David was married and had sons, etc. etc. etc.

When a man or woman is called to serve by the Holy and divine spirit of the living God, there is a covenant between them. It is a deeply personal commitment .  Why then does the catholic church insist upon abstinence of marital relations ? 
Does this not go against the holy temple of which God Himself dwells ? I am not speaking to those who are called to abstain by the holy spirit, but to the men in positions of authority that are presumably superseding the authority of God by inflicting this punishment that is not of God.  Abstaining from fleshly desires is something every follower of Christ will battle throughout his or her lifetime, as we are prone to temptation and do have a sinful nature.  But I dare to wonder if by imposing mans will is overstepping the boundaries of God's.  He made man and woman and the sacrament of marriage as a holy union.  If a person chooses a life of abstinence, as called by the Holy Spirit, he will be given the strength to endure and prevail. This is not , in my opinion, something any man can or ever should impose upon another soul .  An earnest desire to please our heavenly Father comes from our hearts not by the imposition of man, for man is not called by man, but by God...

The strict adherence to this imposing ordinance may leave wide the doorway of evil that leads directly and indirectly to sins of the flesh and most notably sexual abuses.  It goes against one of the primary needs of the body, which is God's holy temple.  Who then has the right, the authority and the audacity to impose such a rigorous test in order to "prove" their love of God ? Did God call His chosen ones to this in history, no.  Man has mandated this through the catholic church.  What man does comes from a place of fallible wisdom. We all fall victim to this and most desperately need the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit in this.  You cannot inflict such a rule and not be bound by the enemy of the soul for such an act.  It is not your right .  This one unholy law written by man is devoid of truth and I cannot find a word in my bible insisting that it be done.  Please stop torturing God's holy people as they are not yours to do so.  The Lord Jesus Christ was and is the only perfect man who ever walked the earth, because He is God. Stop rejecting His sons by turning them away from a life of service by this perpetual sin.  Yes , indeed I call this as I see it, a sin of pride, unjust law that seeks to elevate oneself or a group above their brothers and sisters and that of their heavenly Father.  This governing rule has led to more abuse of power due to the sin of pride than any other that I know.  We are ALL called to SERVE the One true God in earnest holiness as dictated from the holy word of God through His Holy Spirit, sent to us by Jesus Christ and written by His prophets.

For far too long now the church has sought to perfect what was already perfected in Christ.  These are His children not yours, and you are hurting them with this cruel imposition of unjust rule, and leading them not to, but away from holiness !  

Will you remain as a pharaoh or come quickly to the call of your first love , Jesus Christ ...

In Moses words, Let My people go !

Repent of this and humble yourselves before the Lord thy God, lest you continue in your sins and loose your crown of glory.

He is gracious to forgive us our sins when first our hearts are circumcised to the truth ...

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