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Unknown Soul Blog

Breaking the Chains

This is a new section I am starting for survivors of childhood sexual abuse...

It is for you, the brave and courageous survivors that I wrote the book, 

 "Memoirs of an Unknown Soul".

If you are a survivor please pick it up on Amazon or at Tate Publishing in Oklahoma, and be set free...

Truth... Lies... Freedom...

The spirit of lies roams free throughout the world, in each of us... it seeks to keep truth , hard truth from emerging to set souls free. But it is only with the truth that freedom comes.  Some lies take a lifetime to untangle, some never get free from the spirit of deceit. 

Lies can begin at birth, curses that come in the generational form can damage a life from beginning to end. 

What I am addressing here is childhood sexual abuse.  The worst of the worst...
 it carries from one generation to the next until someone is strong enough to break that curse by telling the truth... and until that day comes, this evil has permission to perpetrate itself upon victim after victim for ages ... 

It literally takes an act of God alone to break this bondage.  Why ? Well let's examine what it does to a soul, a mind, a heart, a body...

 for there is nothing that I am aware of on earth that does more damage to a person than this one act.

Without God, there will be very little light that will ever shine from this child who has been ravaged by this unspeakable act.  

She will suffer from the moment of impact, many forms of affliction; psychically her soul will retain this torment and recreate it within her body in the form of illnesses and disease throughout her life. She will hate her body in ways no normal insecurity could ever compare... to the point of self mutilation, surgeries, drug addiction, alcoholism and many will end with suicide...  

In her mind she will torment herself with the lies whispered to her tender ears so long ago that she can't even remember them; she is worthless, good for only sex, deserving of what she has suffered, and somehow responsible for it...

Her heart will not be able to accept love because it is foreign and not trustworthy, nor anyone offering it to her... the familiar evil will be no comfort to her but she will grow more fearful of the unknown and sabotage all things good and lovely... 

Deep down within her soul she will believe the lie, the one that convinces her that she cannot be loved... there by destroying every good thing that God desires to give to her... and live in perpetual torment of hidden fears...

This is what a man does to a child when her rapes her.  He does not only rape her body, he rapes her soul, her life, her future from God !  

It would be better for him that he had never been born...
for the lifetime of torment that made her, this little child of God, wish that she had never been born... but this is for God alone to deal with.

Throughout her life she may vassilate between success and failure never quite able to hold onto it, in her personal relationships, career, and all areas of her life, as they will be infected with this deep seated belief.  During which she may appear to be happy and healthy while she works through the excruciating pain lying dormant within. She may bounce between joy and the desire to die until this lie and all it's infectious destruction have been untied. 

The amount of shame associated with this kind of crime is astounding. It is , in my opinion the single most devastating effect ... it is the way the abuser keeps his victims silenced , protecting his disgusting secret as her own... as if her own life depended upon her silence, many take it to their grave...

Shame alone will effectively hold a victim captive as real as iron chains and shackles...

The darkness that will permeate her mind and heart will force her into keeping it hidden, believing there is no escape ... at some point in her life she may block it out all together if that did not occur from the beginning. Which does occur as a way of protecting ones self from the most traumatic memories, it is a survival mechanism built in, a grace of mercy from God alone... When this occurs, she may have no way of knowing what has happened or why she can't seem to live a decent life and continue  in the unhealthy habits and life choices unaware of why she does what she does... 

 This will cause her to believe that it is her own fault or that she is cursed or insane.

All of these are lies, of course ... but it may take her a lifetime to understand this... and she may never get the chance to live the life God intended for her.

 She will suffer most likely in the silences of her own heart and never tell a soul... the battle of depression and hopelessness will loom large in her life for which there is no quick fix, and the nightmare will go on to claim yet another victim...

The statistics are that one in four people are sexually abused in varying degrees...
That means that you know someone who has been harmed in this way, possibly many...

There is nothing more devastating to a human being than sexual abuse. It violates the very core of a person, on every level. 

A persons ability to trust is paramount. To believe in oneself, in genuine goodness , in love; all of these take heavy damage in the life of a survivor.

There is no magic cure. No pill can numb this agony.  No partner can love you deeply enough to heal this wound.
Suicide is an awful option that no person should have to consider to find relief, and it isn't...  

There is One being that I have  encountered that has helped me in my journey of healing my own wounds of childhood sexual abuse...

His name is Jesus.

People ask me frequently why I have such a gift of vision in the spiritual realm... 

This is it... 

I believe that God , in His infinitely merciful way, knew that I would need Him alone to heal, to live, to be able to love... no one else would ever due... and so He came...

 As humans we are fallible, self centered, and yes dishonest... God is truth, love, peace, pure, and very powerful... even to break the chains of abuse and the web of deception that hold us prisoner. 

 Say to yourself; No longer will I live in fear nor shall  I keep silent and hold to the shame of which this lie has held me captive...  

This is my story and I am a unique individual created by God's own hand.  
I am loved and cherished by Him who made me. I have the scars to share, all of which I speak and a heart that has been equipped with the miraculous power of God to even forgive my abuser... and heal... and live in love... love for my God, myself and people, most especially my brothers and sisters who share in this pain and have lived to become the brave and courageous survivors...

 I write to give us hope ... to remind myself with you, daily of the truth which I need to strengthen on an ongoing basis... that together we shall never forget who we truly are...

You are not unworthy of love but entirely deserving of being completely held by the hands of grace that absolutely adore you just as you are.  With God's help you can heal. You can re-learn what it is to be loved appropriately. You can have what God intended for you, the life that you so richly deserve, the one that was callously stolen from you.  Hold on to the hands that made you, for in them are the jewels of faith, grace, healing, and love, the most powerful force in the universe. 
Yes you can overcome, but not alone...please reach out for this gift, this most merciful and gracious gift of freedom.  It was meant for you. He died to see that you get it. It is not only for salvation and eternal life in heaven; it is a gift for right now... Jesus is the healer of hearts , the great physician, the miracle maker, there is nothing to big for Him to handle... He has you in the palm of His hands and He will not let you down... He is not a man, that will harm, nor a spirit that will lie, but God almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, the creator of the entire universe and He is waiting for you to accept His help in the healing of your most precious and delicate heart. He is the truth the light and the way... the only way for me.

You are a divine being. You were created for love. You are cherished by a Father so tender and gentle it will astound you, and bring healing to the ache deep within your soul.  You are an overcomer from this moment forward you will never fight this battle alone again. because He who created us has sent me to you, with Him, to give you the gift of freedom, of truth and grace to help aide your healing. Wherever you are on your journey, He will come and meet you, in the shame, in the agony, in the darkest corners of your heart... He will steady your heart and set you on firm ground again.  As many times as you need Him to pick you up again He will be there ... for this is not a battle won over night, but one step at a time. One brave, courageous step at a time. 

He is proud of you, for all that you have survived, for the beautiful person that you are right now, and the wonder that you are becoming as you grow from one victorious battle to the next... in grace, in faith, you are developing into the you that will emerge in the dawn of tomorrow.

In His Hands,


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