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Hope the Starting Point of Miracles

Words of Wisdom

Still waiting for the release of your divine blessing ?

Pray this with me, now;

I come against every evil demonic power holding back my blessings reserved for me from almighty God, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, my God , my Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.

By the blood of Jesus, shed for my sins on the cross at Calvary, I have been forgiven, delivered, set free...
to live the life that He died for me to live;
a life of abundance, filled with His peace, made to prosper in all things,
in complete health,
saved from judgment, for all eternity, and my entire family as well...
these things I am promised by God Himself.
I have walked in Your statutes, raised my hands in worship to the One true Lord, Jesus Christ;

bowed myself low to the ground in humble submission of Your holy will...

With a grateful heart, I now receive all the blessings reserved for me from God my Father, here upon the earth, and in the time to come, in the kingdom of heaven.

I humbly thank You oh Lord for the gracious mercy You have afforded me.
Your blessings are overwhelmingly abundant and wonderful...

In the mighty name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit we pray,

King David, Psalm 23;
"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life..."

David not only expected Gods merciful gifts in heaven...
he expected them in the 
here and now...

Faith is the Expectation 
of the Fulfillment
of Your Prayers...

If  you have accepted the salvation that Jesus Christs blood has purchased for you... and you are walking with the Lord, to the best of your ability and understanding of His will in your life...
Then you have the right to and the obligation of, declaring victory over every area of your life. You have the authority and power of God within you, to cast out demons, heal the sick, including yourself, and bring deliverance to others through the gospel...

Dont feel like you have that kind of
 power ? That does Not come 
from God!  Jesus said, " You will do greater things than these..." 

The problem is we let the devil creep into our consciousness with doubt; 
the " you cant do that, who do you think you are ...Jesus ? thats blasphemy !"...

Baloney ! The Holy Spirit , who is God, the third person of the Holy Trinity, 
 Jesus sent Him to us...

So whats wrong with this generation ? why are we not healing each other ? 
why are we suffering, lacking in prosperity, in love and peace ...?

Part of the answer has to do with where we are in our walk of faith.  Are we just beginning to trust ... to really walk in faith... for as we grow in faith, we grow in power...

Our up bringing and primary beliefs play a major role here.  It can take a long time for some of us to untie the knots of lies we have believed for many , many years.  Lies designed to keep us from God's presence, and His glorious plans for our life. That abundant life He so desires to give us. It doesn't happen overnight, but if you will stay the course with Him, come it will... that is a promise from the One who created you. The One who is desperately trying to help you through the hard stuff so that He can lavish you with the wonderful , the delightful, the beautiful and yes even the miraculous !

 The good news is, even if you had the worst childhood on earth, abused, neglected, spiritually starved for lack of healthy nourishment for your soul... 

God is your Father now. Period. Things have changed. He is going to teach you and give you all you need to insure you succeed.  He will more than make up for all you lacked and you will rise higher faster and go farther than you ever dreamed possible.  

Do Not Doubt
Gods Power
Gods Power 
will show up...

It begins with HOPE...

for if you can hope, you can pray and if you can pray, you will develop faith, and in faith we learn how to believe in a power greater than ourselves and that is when we begin to realize the impossible and receive our most wondrous gifts !

Never ever loose hope ! it is the starting point of miracles ! 

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