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Rubble to Restoration

When you feel lost and empty...

Don't loose hope,
God is doing a work in you and He is faithful to  see it through to it's completion, using all things, good and bad for your benefit... 

Some seasons of life can feel as if nothing you do will turn out right. Loss and stress can overwhelm you easily. 

So how do we combat this ?

Oh Lord my God
 hear my cry, draw near to me and have mercy upon me...

All that I once had has gone by, my joy withers within my heart, my bones are dry and brittle...

Revive me Lord, for in You I know is the waters of life , for which I now thirst...

I've made a mess of my life and I stand in the midst of the rubble that was once my joy...

Look upon me Lord, with mercy and grace, for without Your hand upon my shoulder I am come to nothing...

But I know, Lord according to Your holy word, that You will restore to me all things the enemy has stolen. I have been deceived and I need You Lord Jesus to save me.  In You I have all that I need for You Lord are the rewarder of the faithful, redeemer of the lost, savior to all who call upon Your holy name.

Restore to me Your peace that surpasses all understanding I pray...

Build in me a new thing according to Your will... By the blood of Jesus we can find rest for our weary souls, peace for restless hearts, and restoration in every area of our lives.

At times our lives may feel like a complete failure, like standing in the ruins of this old farm... nothing left but the rubble of what once felt like the good life...

There are seasons in life that destruction seems the only truth. These can be very hard on our hearts, no doubt about it... Some loose everything in one day through natural disaster or tragedy ... for others it can be drawn out over several years, where all slips away quietly like a slow death in quick sand...
Either way, we can be left feeling helpless, lost and alone in the world, with nothing left of the old us except, stone cold remnants laying in the dust ...

But we can have hope, there is an upside to this ...
When God is getting you ready to work for Him, first all the old must be torn down, cut away, brought to naught;

some of us, yours truly is no exception, fight this process tooth and nail... unfortunately this makes it harder and probably take longer than it need. The path of a christian is the narrow way... and this can lead us to places we never wanted to go, but will in all likelihood pleasantly surprise us... 

things like attitudes, beliefs, habits, people, geographic places, livelihood , anything that leads us into sin, is harmful to us and/or what the Lord has in store for us... must be changed the greater good...

sometimes a "clean sweep" is essential to bring about the changes that need to occur...

He will cleanse His holy temple, us, in order to heap blessings upon us... 

It is His desire to bless His children, not to bring harm and destruction upon us, tho it can seem otherwise as you go through it.  

Think of it in a simplistic way;
If you have a two year old child, and he is heading into a busy street , are you going to stop him ? of course you are, and you are not going to expect him to understand why you firmly grasp him for safety's sake,
possibly frieghtening him in the process and effectively ruining his happy stroll into the pretty shining lights... 

but save him you will even as he wails his discontent at you... completely unaware of the utter destruction that he was running headlong into... because you love him,
 and you know whats best for him... you desire to save him from anything that would cause him harm... and desire to  heap upon this little one blessings of every good thing... 

Your Father in heaven adores you,
He desires to bless you not curse you...
we tend to do that to ourselves not realizing it at the time...
If we ask God to come into our life and bless us, there may be times of pruning involved, the cutting away of dead branches in our life, to make room for the new life that God is preparing us for.

Just the reminder of this helped me immensely, I pray it helps you as well. It doesnt take forever, it just feels like it when your in that season of transition. 

There are many blessings during this season too, like the fact that its happening in the first place... new growth is a blessing in itself, and I'm here to tell you that you are growing, in wisdom and grace. Soon you will see the fruit of your hard work...

If your life feels like a pile of rubble, keep hope alive by remembering that this is only a season, which will produce new and wonderful growth in your spirit as well as your entire life. 
God has a good plan for your life and He will finish the good work that He began in you.  Hang in there, you are not alone.  
We have His promise on it... keep the faith and take courage, nothing is happening that will not be used for your good. Call upon the Lord for help often, He is listening...

Let us pray;

Lord Jesus, some days I don't think I can bear the weight of my burdens another moment. I need You to help me, lift me up above the troubled waters that I may breathe with ease. Give to me Your strength to make me more than able, Your peace that I may endure, Your mercy when I can't handle the load. Take my hand in Yours Lord and lead me in the path that You have laid before me, that I may not stray from Your will. Please restore to me all that the evil one has stolen and more, and turn my mourning to joy. May You be glorified in all I do...Amen.

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