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My flock...

I have driven My flock to the entry gate of the green pasture,  to the place of still waters...

 to find refreshment for their souls. 
 To quench their thirst for righteousness...  for mercy and justice...

  I have given Myself over to feed them the glories of heaven...

See that no ravenous wolf enter therein to hinder what I have brought up out of bondage, to the very doorstep of the gate to freedom.

Each one comes bearing a gift of their own from on high... to share with you... to glorify Me... see that you nurture this, hold it tenderly, graciously... for you see, I have sent them not only to be fed by you but to feed you as well...

In this manner will we learn to receive properly, the treasures of His heart with an appropriate amount of gratitude, with eloquence and grace. 

 For every person great and small is a beautiful gift to behold, blessed with the innate ability to be and do marvelous and mighty works unto the glory of the Lord... 

They are a divine being, becoming all that God created them to be...  We can either enhance their capabilities through loving kindness, promoting an atmosphere which fosters life and  growth, or hinder their divine path with ingratitude for the wonder of creation which they are.

If you are a shepherd, in any capacity, you must know by now, and better be on guard for all things not of God...
This means anything, that does not reflect the will, the grace, the love of the Almighty Father.  

His child should be received with the utmost respect... the tenderest of affection... the most generous of grace...
 for they belong to HIM...  

and you are here to serve THEM...
 on behalf of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, Savior of the whole world, not the elite...the well to do... the well dressed... the well spoken... the well educated... the well respected in your circles...

for they will come; from all walks of life,
wounded and bleeding, broken and scared, poor and needy, helpless and naked...

and they will be carrying with them,
Your blessing... your glory from heaven... your gift from God...

They are the reason for which you have been blessed with grace , with wisdom, knowledge and understanding and the strength God gave you to overcome.

Without them your gifts, graciously lavished upon you from the God of heaven and earth, ferment within your soul, like a rotten fruit that must be removed before it spoil the entire bushel 

... for without love, all gifts come to nothing... withered and dried up !

Throw those doors wide open ! the doors to our hardened hearts... do open heart surgery on us if need be ! that we may be worthy of the crown of glory awaiting us... that we may finish this race in not only good standing, but outstanding love!  

 God break our hearts for what breaks 
Yours ! 

Every little lamb is a priceless treasure in the eyes of their creator ! that means when someone new approaches your door, your life, your path, look upon them as you would a new born babe.  Cherish them as you would your only child.  Speak life into their hearts, souls and lives. Don't hold back ! Lavish them with genuine warmth and affection.

You are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ right ? then I challenge you to go beyond every barrier that has held you back thus far, start a new chapter, refuse
to bow to peer pressure, to be what you are not called to, and be ALL that you are called to ;

 the Divine embodiment of Jesus Christ on earth...

 Oh that the Father could  find a place to truly pour Himself out as a river of living waters. A river is a flow of rushing water with a powerful force all it's own , not a dripping wherever we choose to aim it. 

Church, we need to be this place.  This place that allows God to fully flood His children with amazing grace and power.

 It all begins with love, the most powerful force in all the earth...

Sometimes we don't like a person without realizing the cause. More often than not this is due to something in them that reflects an attribute in ourselves we do not wish to see.  Given time and perspective, seeking God's divine wisdom, we can choose to humbly submit to grace... at which time God will enable us a view through His eyes and help us to grow right alongside the one we thought we were about to teach... and we both receive a heavenly gift .  

For each and every time we humble ourselves, especially when it's difficult, we are rewarded for our efforts.

God longs for His children to learn, grow and develop in love and warmth toward Him, ourselves and each other.  

  A willingness to look in the proverbial  mirror will always be met with grace, for us and all those whom we touch.

A wise man will welcome correction and grow rich with wisdom and grace...
only a foolish child rebels when confronted with discipline... for obedience is a rare treasure... 
Our world is in desperate need of people willing to serve God whole heartedly, unreservedly, with passion and power ... always abounding in love.

Many are called, but few are chosen...

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord ...

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