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Unknown Soul Blog

Time is at Hand

He Comes...
the One for whom the whole earth awaits...
cries out for...

The anointed One... the Holy One... 
the Messiah... the Christ.

The time is at hand...

In fear and trembling will He be received by all those peoples who did not recognize and acknowledge Him ...

The earth will quake as never before  and they will mourn for Him as they would the loss of an only child, 
at the sight of Him who they pierced...
for the whole earth shall see and behold Him in all glory and power; 

and every knee shall bend, every head will bow at the great and mighty sight of the Lamb of God.

We have all been told to watch for the signs of the times... the season changes and we know to prepare for winter; No one knows exactly when , only the approximate "season", and that time is now !  Prophecy is unfolding in our world today; 
and yet there are those who see and yet they do not see... who still relentlessly turn away from the truth , the only One who can offer them true peace and 
safety ...

Such is the way of evil and deception...  blinding us to the truth... until grace steps in by the mercies of God , without which no man would be saved...
 for who can stand in the presence of the Lamb, Son of the Most High...

Before this great and terrible day of the Lord, there is another day tho not for all, is this eagerly awaited appointment ... 
for those peoples of the earth called children of God, those servants who have been given a white robe , stood in faith, witnessed and given testimony of ;

The Truth, The Light and The Way...
yes, Jesus... for no one gets to the Father except through the Son...

for these are the ones,  called His faithful saints, that will be gathered to Him in the blink of an eye, all together removed from the earth to join The Master in the heavenly realm, forever and ever.  Never to have to suffer the judgements that are to come upon earth.

We acknowledge Him now in peace and love, freely accept His most gracious offer of a merciful pardon of all our transgressions, through His blood shed upon the cross for our sins, and we receive eternal life...

Revelation, chap. 14, vs.7
"Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgement has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water."

... the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, to whom has been given dominion over all the earth and the inhabitants therein...

Or ... we wait for the Lords day of wrath mentioned above ...

Atonement will come, one way or another...

The choice is yours...

                                    I am just a simple woman, who has never been brave...really...

 I am ashamed to admit that I bordered not just on shy but on being ashamed of my faith; never wanting to offend or be the first one in the conversation to bring up "the subject"... you know, in case someone disagreed with me ... And I'm not talking about your church group of friends.

I mean the ones that really need to hear the truth, the gospel, maybe for the first time in their life, or the fiftieth, at least at a time when they may be ready for it... that time might just be now... There is not one human being on the planet that does not need hope... encouragement ... loving kindness ... mercy and our most beautiful gift , 
our Savior, Jesus Christ...

 God forgave me my offense, in His wonderfully tender mercy, and now I can't stop writing to who ever will listen. I am still a hermit and quite shy, but not in my faith ! Not of how much my Beloved loves me and btw, you too!

 So now, when God speaks to me and asks me to tell His children something so terribly important, like todays message; (you dont think I just pull this
 stuff out of a hat do you ?)  

I will do as the Lord asks... even if I don't understand it all at the moment ... for He has shown me that I can trust Him, over and over again, Ya, so I'm not the fastest learner... He is patient, really patient :) 

Not in a million years could I have ever imagined speaking out , for the whole world to see like this... that's the power of God, definitely not mine.

Is God leading you to do things unusual for you, like getting entirely out of your comfy box zone ;

 yet you know someplace deep down inside your soul that it's right...

 If so, move forward in His strength. He's got you, if I can you can, and there's a whole lot of people that may suffer needlessly if we don't speak up, quickly, even loudly. Find your voice, you can do it, I have faith in you and so does your Father in heaven :)

Somebody out there needs to hear
 YOUR testimony !

Time... for sleeping giants to awaken and heed the call to glory... and say;

 Your will Father , not mine. 
 Make me bold Lord , for Your holy
 names sake.

Are you ready for the end of days ?
Have you chosen whom you will serve for all eternity ? Your actions, or lack of, will be held accountable, as will all of ours... be brave, you are not alone.

Choose wisely, act accordingly... 

 Let your life be a daily testimony to the One greatest most passionate desire of your soul... you will never look back ! You may find yourself feeling happier and lighter than you ever thought you could. That tends to happen when we let our "light" shine ;)

Remember that you have a glorious destiny to fulfill, all planned out by God a long time ago ! 

 Glory and honor be to the One true God of all creation and to His Son, the merciful Savior of all mankind, and to the Holy Spirit, our most gracious Helper.

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