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Keys of wisdom to transform your life...
To unlock the awesome destiny, God intended you to have...

The Declaration; Receipt of Freedom

This is the final step in the keys series and is meant to be as a declaration over your life.  However, it is imperative to believe , for by faith we receive in the spirit first and afterward in the physical realm. 

 In the heart of a man does spring forth the issue of life, ( the blood).  
To get to the heart we first must go through the mind, ( the thoughts ), to the mouth, and speak the words of truth...

By going through the previous steps in the keys parts 1-4, we addressed these...

By coming to all issues from a point of love we have brought new life into our minds and hearts.

By forgiving our enemies we have freed ourselves from the damnation of guilt, for by forgiving we are forgiven by the the blood of Christ.

In humility, we have come under divine authority, allowing us to receive grace and blessings previously unattainable by us.

By exalting our God we have given glory to Him who made all things thereby adhering to the law and will of the giver of every good thing. The maker of our awesome destiny.


Now come we before the throne of Glory;
to receive our just rewards;
 for ours is a God of justice and a rewarder of faith .

The faithful keeper of promises Himself... 

He has required of us Faith, thus we shall give unto Him all that He asks...

We will walk in His divine power. 
In knowledge and ever growing understanding... Do all that we are called to do according to His holy will, serving in joy and gladness... for His burden is light...

We shall not the renewing of our commitment daily,
loving mercy, seeking justice, praising His holy name, all the days of our life.

I believe ;
the holy word of God as spoken and recorded by His servants, the prophets.

I believe every promise given to me by the Holy Word, become flesh in Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, Savior of the world... Lamb of God who died for my sins and set me free from damnation.

 The grave clothes that once bound me, body and soul, to afflictions, He has cut away from me. He has broken every chain.

Through Him I am made whole, healed of all  illness, injury and injustice without exception. 

The power of Him who made me, resides with me now and forevermore.
Nothing shall be impossible by the strength and power of His spirit within me.

No evil shall prosper that comes against me, nor shall the effects of the evil doer cling to me.
I rebuke all evil. I will not know wickedness, nor put anything wicked  before my eyes. I will keep my heart pure and stayed upon the Lord.

I am a child of the most high God, created in His own image to bring glory to His holy name, and do His good will.
I will delight myself in the Lord, for He is delighted with me.  

You Lord have breathed upon me Your breath of life, and I am changed...made into a new creation...

I walk in the Light, the Truth, in the  path You have set before me...
 my steps are guarded by God, who directs them...

I am protected by an army of holy angels come to help me do the will of my Father. In peace that surpasses all understanding, my heart does rest. 

For I am assured of their help at any moment, should I need it... 
I will not fear...
 For You shall go before me and encompass me on all sides ...
 I trust You my God to deliver me from all things not of You.

I trust You God , for You are faithful and give to me the promises for which I have prayed.

 He holds back no good thing from His children who trust in Him...
According to Your holy word oh God;
I receive my inheritance here on earth and in heaven to come.

I give You thanks and praise for all that You have done for me and for what You are about to do for me... I know that You love me Lord more than I can imagine; 

so let me now become for You, a living breathing , walking expression of Your great love... 

Bless me Father with "Your" hearts desire...
In this we shall be blessed exceedingly far greater than any thing we could have asked...
 for no man has conceived , no eye has seen, nor ear heard how awesome and wonderful are the things God has for His children who love Him...

Unlock for me oh Lord, the awesome destiny that You carefully and skillfully planned for me at the beginning of time...

I commit all my ways unto You Lord... 
In Your hands shall I rest...
I love You with all my heart, all my mind and all my strength... You, Jesus are my rock, my fortress, my strong tower...

In You Lord , are my hopes realized... rewards materialized... dreams come to pass... for You are faithful to complete in me the good works You began, in my heart, my soul, my mind , my life... 

My soul rejoices because You Lord,
 have lavished me with loving kindness, crowned me with tender mercies...
 You have forgiven my every offense with Your own blood...

You have healed my every disease... 

You have put good things in my mouth and renewed my youth like the eagles...

You alone have delivered me from every evil and redeemed my life from destruction...

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me ! 

 And you too shall do the things which I have done... and even greater things than these...

I declare today;

I am stepping into my pre-ordained destiny set forth by the Living Lord, 
 God Almighty, King Jesus !


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