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Unknown Soul Blog

Not so glorious days

Your working hard;
Doing everything in your power,
everything you know to do...

But it seems the reality of your dreams have been washed out to sea with the tide...

Where am I going wrong you ask ?
I work hard, I pray, I love the Lord with all my heart;
so why does it seem that blessings escape me ?

The work load increases as the money and energy always seem to decrease...

With every forward step there's always two backward ones...
I know... believe me I know how frustrating it can be...

Hold on ... don't loose hope...
  I'll stay with you here...

We are all in the same boat, this life that we are learning to walk by faith.

That's right, I said we are all in this together.  No one gets a pass, just a different route...  It may seem as though some people have "it all", but that's not a true version of reality.  

You cannot see inside the heart of a man, or what he may be suffering with internally.  Jealousy is a sin and never produces any good on your behalf so let's just bypass that okay...

 stay focused on the one in the mirror... that's who God wishes to speak with right now...

We are all God's children ... We are all given special talents and skills from our Father in heaven...

Every time I feel like I've done all I can and nothing seems to be happening, or my progress is at a snails pace; ugh !

 I used to go through a little "hissie fit"...

you know the one.. 
the "oh poor me's, why can't anything good happen to me ? bla, bla, bla... " 

I'll spare you the details... you get the point.  Maybe not you; but I have a little bit of "brat" in me... just a little...

But the Lord , in all His gracious mercy, over time, has tamed this part of me ... with the utmost in care... extreme tenderness was my medicine... for many other things as well, that I no longer need...

Once when I got really frustrated; Jesus came to me, gently tipped my chin up to meet his tender, loving and deeply penetrating  gaze, and whispered to me,

"Little One, do you want to 
do My will ...?"  

   (... that's so not fair...)

and I was swept away in love...
couldn't even remember what I was fussing over...

This too shall pass...

and as His love penetrated my darkened heart;  the cloud in my mind began to clear and I could think again... recognize what was happening ... and correct what only moments, ago seem "normal" even "justified"... 

remember to 
cling to your anchor... 
grab your sword and use it;

 not against the One who adores me, but against the negative thought's permeating my poor brain... (again ! )

 Do these demons 
never rest ?! 
NO they do not ! 
 comes the immediate reply... 

 Our daily walk of faith, becomes a lifetime of faith that becomes our legacy and inheritance to our children. 

 God does have a good plan for your life and He is working on in it right now... and on you... 

Give God the time and space to do in you His work, He's not finished...
stand firm... in faith...

because those ,
"two backward steps..."
yup... you guessed it...
 this is where they happen... 
 it's when we faint ... 
when we loose faith...

 Fight the urge to give up, in your thoughts, in your heart, in your life... 

. this is not a natural response ...
 but a learned response...

This is living breathing faith... this will bring you the breakthrough 
you desire !  and

And we wait patiently on the Lord... until His perfect timing for the fulfillment of His plan for us. 
And as we wait, we stand in faith... through the storms, the hard work, the pain, the heartbreak... 

the blood, sweat and tears...
whatever it takes... 
because He's worth it; 
and so are You !

I want to encourage you to hold firm to the desires of your heart, to the dreams that God has instilled in you, to the knowledge and wisdom that His word teaches us... we are in it for the long haul...

You are not alone. God see's everything you are going through and He promises to use it All for your good ! Give yourself time. Be patient.

 You are developing into the "you" , 
you always wanted to be and never imagined you could be... 
the beautiful, wonderfully intricate
 and amazingly complex person that no one else could ever duplicate.  

Jesus, I pray that You 
in Your amazingly gentle way, 
would give refreshment to all Your "little ones" that truly need a tender touch of Your sweet love today...

Oh Lord we praise You, for worthy is the Lamb of all praise and glory !

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