The Unknown Soul Blog - An intensely personal journey for the soul.

    A personal journey of faith, hope and love...  This website is designed to bring comfort to the hurting, a refreshing drink from the waters of life for all those who thirst.  It is a place that I express my faith in Jesus Christ and share the inspirations of hope that He has so graciously bestowed upon my heart.  I pray that you are touched by His grace as I attempt to capture the essence of beauty that so fills me and for which there are truly no words eloquent enough. May you be blessed and guided to that which you need by the hands of God. 
Please come and rest, lay down your burden and find  comfort in the arms of grace... Please visit my blog for daily hope and inspiration as I share the whispers of my heart, for freely He has given to me and freely I give to you... 


      "In silence He sat behind me.
Like an air of royalty, His presence consumed me.
Trembling, I dared to wonder...
Leave no doubt in my mind, I ask of Thee.
And He looked thru the window to my soul,
As the world shook beneath my feet.
Touched my hand, and purified my heart.
And the words embedded in my mind...
I will hold the pen,
He will hold my hand.
I will open my mouth,
He will inspire the world.
I will lift my foot,
He will pass ten thousand
miles beneath it...
And so it is that from my right hand these words do pass, through the pen, onto the page...
Let our greatest appreciation be;
the pureness from whence
we came forth.
Our greatest challenge;
to become that which we once were.
Our sweetest reward;
a vision of another
achieving the same...
My words alone these are not.
For I tell you this,
I have seen The Master..."
   The Unknown Soul Organization 

Step out in  the walk of faith and be the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.   
    "For as you do unto the least of these, My little children,  you have done unto Me."
      Help us help those in need in and around our communities and abroad.  For more info please go the page designated for the organization.

I humbly thank you for your support.  May the Lord bless you .

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